The great perfume taste mystery

I have a 3D printed bottom feed mod and invariably I get a perfume type taste when vaping.

  • I have tried many juices,
  • I have tried different wire
  • Different atomisers
  • Different cotton
  • I have changed to a new bottle and feeder tube
  • changed 510 in the mod
    -changed batteries
  • I have used a new atomiser, after changing the bottle, tube, 510, cleaning the mod, different wire, different cotton.
  • I’ve soaked everything in alcohol. Changed o rings.

I don’t think it is the juice
Or wire
Or atomiser
Or battery

This is something related to the body of the mod or the electrical connection of the battery I think.

Has ANYONE every had this kind of thing happen? If i saturate the wick it seems fine for a while. But it doesn’t come on after squinting right away either. This mod, every time. Despite whatever other eoements. Perfume pollution.

I am utterly stumped.

I have exhausted everything I can think of and am
Open to any idea available. I’m starting to think it’s the dye used in the mod heating up or the plating of the contact bar. I just don’t know.

Tia, I’m going nuts. I’m also not the only one who can taste it.

Edit - I’m wondering if the fact the positive contact is where the feeder tube connects, if it’s doing something to the silicon tube when the charge it’s the feeder stem (sorry I don’t know the terminology) but I even created a spacer with a different 510.

The fire button is on the left. It pushes the metal bar in to make contact. That bar runs down the side and underneath, there the positive terminal sits.

The only thing I can think is that there’s current running through the bottle / feeder tube due to the design, but surely there would be a bunch of people with this mod complaining if that was the case.


Most mech Squonk mods have the same setup.
Button completes the circuit when pushed in, contacting the positive feeder tube/pin.

Maybe soak it in Vinegar? I don’t know if the Vinegar will be safe for the contacts or their plating but it should help the body material, perhaps. Maybe just 20 to 30 minute soak followed with a good water rinse and dry.


Are these all DIY juices with the same pg, vg, and nic?

Did you use a different mod all together? I would think that could rule out the body and connections.


Yah but none of my other mechs have the silicon bottle sitting on the bar, was just a reach I know.

Tried that before the alcohol :confused:

All juices. stire bought. Many flavours. Home made. All kinds.

Honestly I’m considering soaking everything in vg for a bit and vaping straight vg through it to see if I can suck out whatever is in there. I’m out of ideas.


I have had this before but it was not something that persisted the next day. Then weeks later it did it again but again only for awhile. I never figured out if it was a combination of something I ate or drank along with a certain flavor or flavor combination. Maybe it was in my nose? it was a very district smell. if I ever smell it again I will know it was like that time.


So I just took the bottle with the remaining liquid and poured some into a dripper on another device and sure enough it’s there. So the liquid became contaminated. This was a new bottle which had been rinsed without soap prior to use.

At this point I have to conclude this mod is messing with the super soft silicon bottles in some way. I have to think its charging the bar, and the bar is reacting with the silicon in some way which polluted the juice.

This. Is. So. Weird.

What I don’t understand is why it didn’t always do this and what exactly is happening.


Maybe try this. Wrap the metal tube/bar with Teflon pipe tape so that your silicon tubing is not directly touching the metal. A piece of heat shrink tubing might also be a good choice if it’s not silicone. I’m not a materials engineer or scientist,just thinking of a way to isolate a possible culprit.
Maybe put a thin piece of insulation between the battery and bottle on the battery side and something between the bottle and the metal contact on the opposite side of the bottle. It looks really tight though so I don’t know if that is something you can do?
maybe take the silicone tube out and boil it to remove any contaminates?

The first drip tip I ever bought that didn’t come with a tank or kit, had this super nasty chemical taste that I never could get rid of. I still have PTSD from that taste.

Oh, is there another gasket seal in the bottle cap?

Did you ever flush the metal part of the squonk tube from the inlet out the 510 pin? if they soldered anything or used a liquid sealer that could be a culprit too. I’m :thinking: nking you have already submersed it in Vinegar and alcohol?

I hope you can figure this out. Kudos for trying and not just giving up right away.


I was just thinking the same thing - the only thing that doesn’t isolate is the tubing (if that’s taking the charge. I actually have some cheap plastic bottles that at this point maybe worth testing.

It’s a silicon bottle with a metal collar that screws into itself so it’s just 4 parts. Bottle. Tube. Metal collar. Cap. Like this - btw this is the last bottle I have that’s new. And they’re like £11 a bottle so I’m ready to give up. I should also add that it’s happened with every other bottom feed device now, which could be that it’s screwed up the bottles and they’re pushing it through everything else. Or maybe I am super sensitive to the taste, but it doesn’t explain why it takes a while to start becoming a problem, it’s not instant.

I replaced that as part of a 510 swap, it’s a mech mod so there’s no soldering.

I have just cleaned my custom
Classic mod. Inside and out. I have a clean plastic bottle and I’ve just descended a bottom feed rda to put away.

I’m going to get the other curl classic mod setup with a plastic bottle with the clean atomiser and see if this happens. If it doesn’t l, I’m going to use the silicon bottle on it. If it starts to taste weird then, I obviously have some weird silicon sensitivity.

I will say that my partner uses silicon kitchen utensils and I can smell them being used across a room. I told her everything f she stirred tasted like dish soap and she didn’t believe I could taste it so we did a blind taste test and I picked out the silicon stirred one 5:5 times. We bought new utensils (also silicon and the same brand) thinking the old
Ones had degraded, same thing.

I’m starting to think it’s me and silicon, but that doesn’t answer why I used bottom feed mods with silicon for years without issue. And silicon kitchen utensils

Thanks for talking through this with me and the ideas. I’m vinegar soaking everything now (except o rings because they ruin, which I’m soaking in vegetable oil to soak out rotten flavour)

All I can think is use plastic and see that happens. Maybe I used a juice that ruined everything.


try a bottle from a different company, even if it doesn’t fit, let it hang to the side.

also, i could be juice backflowing into the bottle, it builds up the bad taste untill you can taste it.


I’ve tried 3 manufacturers of silicon bottles. Two looked identical and probably were. The third are slightly different.

I’ve cleaned everything again but I’m not using my last new bottle in that mod. I’ll try another mech mod that I also cleaned. I can drip all day in the atomisers with no weird taste. So it’s not the atomisers, plus I’ve used 5 or more with the same result on that mod.

I’d agree on the back filling but it’s across mods now too.

So this is weird. My therion (large plastic bottles) now has this offensive flavour too but I think I took one of the bottles in question back when I first noticed it and ran it through the therion. Thereby screwing it ip. So I have to figure out how to clean a 510 in a chipped mod without frying electronics or taking it apart.

I have a fully cleaned custom classic aluminium mod now. One fresh bottle left. Cleaned atomisers and new o rings.

I’m going to drip on the custom classic for a day or so and ensure the flavour doesn’t get screwed up. When it works properly I’m going to put a plastic bottle in there a since i soaked the 510 in vinegar and can taste via water no pollution. If the bottle introduces a weird flavour i don’t know what to think. If it doesn’t I’ll put the silicon new one in. If that introduces bad flavour I’m going to have to assume that I am sensitive to silicon.

Lots of troubleshooting for a weird issue. It was a huge mistake to use bottles that may have been tainted across multiple Mods and atomisers.

Finally if nothing else works I’m going to fill bottles with vg and leave the top of a rda and just squonk burn my way through ten ml or so of straight vg.


The testing with a plastic bottle in a different mod with vinegar soaked everything commences!


It sounds to me like you developed a sensitivity to silicone which you did not previously suffer. A newly developed sensitivity to some chemicals is not unheard of, and in some things it’s almost common. I think I remember hearing that Epoxy resin, if worked with for long enough unprotected, will result in a allergy of sorts.

You need to find a tubing for your future “plastic” bottles that is not silicone. I’m not sure what off hand but a visit to a hobby shop that deals in Remote Controlled airplanes will have various tubing’s. They should have some non-silicone as the engines that use gas should not be used with silicon, if I am not mistaken. They also have control rod sheathing and inner pieces that might work but will may be too rigid. I’m also thinking car vacuum tubing but they may be too Ridgid as well. A hardware store probable has Vinyl tubing that may be your best bet.


Good thoughts thanks. So far so good without using the silicon bottle. I’ll feel more relieved in a few days if it holds out.


So it seems like I’m just starting f to get a hint of this in the other mod. - the only thing going is a silicon tube as mentioned. I feel like I can just taste it but I need to give it a bit keep tike and confirm. Good lord.


Alright. I’m 90% sure that this is old silicon. I think the new bottle I bought fell into rotation before I’d properly cleaned everything

I actually think it’s the tubing more than the bottles. I wonder if they spend all that money on the fancy food grade silicon bottles then buy giant spoils of tubing made from garbage silicon that’s breaking down.


That is a very good possibility. For some reason I was quite fascinated with your little dilemma, I hope you got it locked down.

I was gonna give you a website to visit but I see your in London and the shop is in the States. Anyway, squonking has been popular on your side of the pond for longer and there should be some good shops. Sorry, I’m not familiar with them.


Thanks for helping me - at least going through this all makes me feel like I’m not crazy. With the current setup the flavou comes out weird, then I saturate the wick and vape a couple more times and it sort of masks. Then it starts to come back. It’s an ebb and flow kind of thing. That’s what makes me think it’s tubing or old bottles and tubing. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using a different juice that’s stronger; it’s definitely still here -but not as strong.

If it wasn’t for using the same wire and wick in every other device I own I would have thought maybe it was that.

It just has to be the silicon at this point. I can’t fathom anything else.

I will clean everything again, cleaning this 510 sucks, and then I’ll Use my last new bottle. If it happens then I don’t know what to think. If it was my personal sensitivity it should be every vape not ebb and flow.

Edit - you know this flavour always takes a little bit to come on. It’s not from vape one when I rebuild. One thing I haven’t tried (stupidly) is leaving everything as is and rebuilding the coil. At least it’s worth ruling out that my coils are breaking down.

I’d love to get a stainless coil in there but I’m not sure I can hit the resistance I need with stainless. Maybe nife. Also I realised every wire I’m using is lightening vapes. And somewhat old - so it’s probably worth trying a different brand of wire (I have tried various cottons). I suppose it’s possible that an rda is showing a problem that a rta is missing.

I still think it’s the silicon but it’s another step along the way, and as simpler one.

How do you guys clean your wire ?


I run my wire through paper towel that has been dampened with isopropyl alcohol until it comes clean. Then wrap the coil straight away. What resistance are you trying to get that SS won’t work?


For a mech with mtl rda - 1.3 would be ideal. I could go 1.2-4 and be happy. The issue with stainless hitting that (one rda is plenty wide in the deck) is the ramp up time. But I think it would be worth trying it anyway just to see if maybe kanthal is tasting weird to me in a rda.

I notice on this build, where it’s sort of there but goes away and comes back, it seems to happen the more it heats up even if the wick is fully saturated. Makes me wonder if I’m getting a taste from kanthal in the rda that’s being muted when mixing in a rta

Still a few variables to disqualify.


So I used that bigger rda I was using and did a stainless coil in it with the same bottle - tubing - didn’t clean anything else.

So far I haven’t tasted anything. It will be amazing if it turns out to be the flipping wire I have. But also confusing as to why it doesn’t bother me in tanks.


Maybe due to tank coil being further away from your mouth and in general tank coils give a cooler hit.