The Heatvape Invader Mini with temperature control, courtesy of Gearbest!

What’s up vapefam!
SirRisc here with another gear review!
I’ll be looking into a mod I’ve aptly been calling “rubber clad Megathron”, a ruggedized tube mod with temp control, the Heatvape Invader Mini.
This mod was sent to me for review courtesy of


Considering the look and feel of this mod and the fact that this would be my first foray into the wonderful world of temperature control, I was rather sceptic before this review.
The ruggedized rubber look of this tube mod is something you’ll either love or hate but judging by several Youtube videos where they abuse the mod by running it over with a car, shooting a pellet gun at close range, or dunking it in a bowl of water, it does seem to have its merit.
For me a large part of the appeal was the fact that summer is approaching fast and that means musicfestivals! Dried up fields covered in a cloud of dust, beer being thrown around, the wall of death… I’ve seen them all and I love them all.
But it isn’t a good environment for mods to be in, they’re a little sensitive to dust and moisture, and generally speaking they’d break easily in these circumstances.
But that’s where a mod like the Invader Mini will set itself apart from the rest. If it can be run over by a car and still vape, it’ll survive a wall of death. (No, I’m not going to film myself running in a wall of death, you’re shit out of luck there.)

Anyway, as I said this is my first temperature control mod and I was rather sceptical about the whole temperature control thing.
I wasn’t too sure it was something I’d enjoy seeing as I like my vapes hot and cloudy.
The thing with temperature control is though, it works. It’s annoying to get right at first because Ni200 is a bitch to work with, but it works.
And let’s face facts here… at the pricepoint this mod is sitting at it’s a damn good way to take your first steps into temperature control functionality.

Heatvape Invader Mini


  • Temperature control
  • Zinc alloy & brass
  • Waterproof level: IPX4 (Splashing of water, submerging pressure: 80–100 kPa)
  • Innovative 510 topcap for gapless fit
  • Shockproof & ruggedised design
  • 1W to 50W output power
  • 1V to 9.9V output voltage
  • Powered by 1*18650 high drain battery (20A or more)
  • Resistance limit 0.16ohm to 2.0ohm in normal mode
  • Resistance limit 0.1ohm to 1.0ohm in temperature control mode
  • DC-DC converter


I’m not going into too much detail about the packaging on this one, because the packaging is the same as you’d get with any decent product.
The mod comes in a clear plastic case that is wrapped with a cardboard cover that sports the Heatvape logo in shiny red letters.

On the bottom is the sticker with a scratch and check code so you know the mod you’re getting is an authentic.
I got a grey Invader Mini but on the packaging the other colors are also displayed.

Inside of the clear case is a plastic insert that feels rather cheap, but holds the mod fairly tight.

The user manual is hiding under the insert, I would advise reading it if you’re new to temperature control so you know how to set everything up.


Where do I even start with this mod?
Between the rather odd looking exterior and the weight of this mod, there’s so much to cover.

The chip reminds of the Evolve DNA40 at first sight, but is in fact developed in-house by Heatvape.
Rumor has it that the chip is the same as Kangxin is using in the VF50 but with a different ROM flashed to it, but I can’t confirm this as I don’t have VF50 to open up.
The chip does temperature control and it does it well though.
This is my very first experience with temperature control and despite being a bit sceptic, I have to admit that this chip does the job its supposed to do.
When you set the temperature control and start vaping until your tank or dipper runs dry, it will lower the wattage down to 1W to keep your wick from burning.
I’ve been using it almost exclusively with the Subtank Plus I recently reviewed, built with soft Ni200 (Nickel) to 0.22ohm and it vapes great.
It provides a cooler vape than what I am used to, but that’s apparently one of the things with temperature control I’ll have to learn to live with.

However well the chip works with temperature control, it does have a few quirks that should be addressed.
For one, when you use the mod with a regular kanthal build the mod will fire with a slight delay of about half a second.
It’s not a long delay and it’s not really a dealbreaker but it does annoy me just a tad.

Another problem I’ve come across is that it tends to reset itself to 10W sometimes, I still haven’t found out why it does this.
It seems to be only when I lock the power by pressing and holding the up and down button that it resets after about half an hour.
Setting the wattage again after it happened works flawlessly, there’s no need to reset the mod.

The settings are fairly straightforward to use with the 3 buttons.
Clicking the firebutton 5 times within 3 seconds locks the mod, and to set the temperature limit you need to hold the up and down button for 2 seconds while it’s locked.
When it’s unlocked you can set the wattage in 0.1W increments with the up and down buttons, and if you hold them both down for two seconds you lock the wattage.
Locking the wattage has a tedious fault though, if you set the mod to 40W and you lock the wattage you’ll find that it’s locked at 40.1W.
To stop this from happening, just set the wattage to 39.9W before locking it and it’ll be locked at 40W. Tedious indeed.

One of the biggest concerns I had when using the mod, both with temperature control or normal mode, is that the battery runs hot.
I’ve tried both a Samsung 25R (22A limit) and a Sony VTC4 (30A limit) and both yielded the same results.
Now this could be because of the waterproofed body containing no venting holes, so the battery can’t expel the generated heat through those, but it is something you’ll have to take into account.
In the event of venting, the silicone will rip at the buttons to expel pressure and effectively ruin your mod. (Not that most mods survive venting batteries but still…)

That brings me to the next point of attention on this mod. It’s freaking waterproof. No, seriously. It is!
You can safely drop it in a puddle, or even a small pond up to 1m in depth and if you fish it out quick enough, the mod will have survived!
Now I know some of you have asked me to do some crazy shit with this thing like running it over with my car or dunking it in water but honestly it’s all been done before.
I think we can safely assume it will stand up to a lot of punishment and abuse without me having to jump through hoops.
If you really want to see it get abused and you really want to test it limits, buy one and do it yourself. :wink:


As you can tell, it’s a bit of a specialty item. The ruggedised look won’t be something everyone likes but it feels excellent to the touch.
Mine is covered in grey silicone, but it’s also available in black, blue and green. Personally, I rather like the grey because it’s fairly neutral.

The topcap looks great in its chrome finish and doesn’t seem prone to scratching, and neither does the batterycap on the bottom for that matter.
Both have an o-ring on them to make the entire thing waterproof, and the batterycap is springloaded to fit both flat top and button top 18650 batteries.

The batterycap has a laser etching on it stating that Heatvape designed this mod, but if you’re anything like me and browse the web a bit you’ll find that the mod shares its look with the Dovpo E-LVT Mini.
I’m not sure which one was first on the market and frankly it doesn’t matter. There are many mods, but this one is mine! (That was totally not a Full Metal Jacket reference…)
On a sidenote, the Dovpo also doesn’t do temperature control and only delivers up to 35W.

Pros and Cons.


  • Cheap!
  • Temperature control works great
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • Top cap makes anything sit flush
  • Excellent threading
  • Easy to use settings
  • Display is very clear, even in direct sunlight
  • Very easy to hold, very grippy because of the silicone
  • Can double as a personal defense (I’m kidding! But not really, you could seriously hurt someone with this mod.)


  • Batterylife is too short in temperature control mode
  • Heat builds up quick
  • Temperature is only displayed in Farenheit
  • The mod is heavy, very heavy actually
  • Firing delay in normal mode
  • Shuts down after 30 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Resets wattage to 10W sometimes
  • Fire button placement is a bit awkward at times

In conclusion.

The Invader Mini is definitely a contender in terms of sturdyness, it can take a severe beating and still keep on working without as much as a glitch. (See that Evolve? That’s how it’s done!)
The chip is quick to respond to new Ni200 coils, and fires down to 0.1ohm in temperature control mode.
The screen is clear, even in direct sunlight and the settings are easy to navigate.
Sure the mod looks weird and it feels a bit too heavy for my liking but it sits at a very comfortable pricepoint, making it a very good first temperature control experience.
If you’re looking for a lighter weight mod, the Kangxin VF50 might be worth looking into though, seeing as it houses the same chip with different software.
All in all, it’s a great mod and definitely worth checking out!

In closing I would like to thank Gearbest again for sending me this mod for review, temperature control is definitely fun to play around with.
And of course without all of you readers, I wouldn’t be writing these reviews so thank you for sticking with me!
After all the drama llamas of last week on ecr_eu, it’s great to know that a lot of you support what I do!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review, so get in touch if you want me to review something from you! Juice, RTA, RDA, mods… It’s all welcome and I’m sure we can work something out!

#staycloudy !

SirRisc disappears in a cloud of strawberry custard scented vapor


Fixed your link (yours was to a SMY 60W - I switched it out for an affiliate link of mine).

I do find it odd that battery life in temp control is so poor!
Also I didn’t realize that temp was only in F :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh crap, I did not see that. Cheers for the heads up!
I’m alright with the affiliate link, to support ELR :wink:


Great review! I’m glad you found it killed batteries quicker in temp control , I was beggining to think I was crazy . I’m thinking a lot of the new temp control mods will have this same chip . Seems like a pretty stable chip.


Kinda looks like it could be an uber-rugged lightsaber. Almost enough reason right there for the geek in me to want one. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have the Subtank Plus on it and can confirm I make the lighsaber “woo-oom” sounds when I vape.
Geeks gonna geek :wink:


The chip itself is being used in several other mods afaik, but all with different software to make the TC work.
For some reason a company like Evolve, which has boasted to be the best on the market, can’t seem to get it right and China does it from the get-go.

I think in all fairness to evolve they laid the groundwork for the chip in the first place . I had a chance recently to use a rdna vaporshark and it behaved just as good as the CNA Chip . I think the first version of the vaporshark and flask were flawed but it was brand new tech . Evolve has produced a superior chip now that functions as it should .
Could it be better …absolutely ! It can only get better from here from China and Evolve ! Can’t wait to see what the future holds !

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just so u know… I’m buying two of these just made my mominlaw realize she wasn’t a "beginner "anymore!!! can u tell me how to hook her up?

I’m a wicked geek BTW

It is important to note that there are 2 versions of the Invader Mini.
Avoid the first version as it has problems with resetting or turning off after less than 5 minutes.
The V2 version has auto shutoff set at 50 minutes which is a good idea.
The first generation units are buggy, shuts off after 3-5 minutes, requiring multiple attempts to turn it back on, and going into temp control mode without your input.

The most frustrating problem with the V1 version is that if you ask your vendor for a replacement, they will ask you to send them a video showing the problem! Why do I need to send a video for a problem that is being reported on various forums?
PBusardo’s review also made mention of the shutoff issue and that there are 2 versions of the unit


My Invader was indeed a V1, which was plagued by a couple of problems.
Despite those problems it still comes out as being a very cheap but reliable mod, and an excellent intro into temp control.
I think the V1 isn’t for sale anymore now unless it’s old stock, Heatvape have been distributing the V2 for a few weeks already.


Yes, I have read that the V2 version is a good unit, but unfortunately I seem to have a V1 unit which is not reliable in its current setup.
Its ok for use at home, when it works, but its not something I could use while driving as it constantly requires I keep looking at it to verify its working and not going back into temp mode or 10 watts or require multiple attempts to get it to turn back on

Just a heads up to make sure when you purchase the unit they send you a V2 as there are some vendors sending out older stock.


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My invader was the first version and it has its quirks but I wouldn’t say that’s it’s unreliable in the least . I’m glad they made improvements though .


I would accept minor quirks.
But if I have to constantly reset and require multiple attempts to get the unit to turn back on, to me that is not a reliable product.

I just feel that if a product is being introduced to the public it should be when the product is free of major issues, especially if there is no way to upgrade the unit.
Minor quirks are understandably part of the process.

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