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The Heisenberg Clone is Here!


I’ve finally got a Heisenberg clone that I’m being told is as good as it gets so far… hands down.

I recommend skipping down to the easier to follow instructions for an EIGHT OUNCE BOTTLE because this stuff is so good you’ll want to mix it like that.

for 30 ml:
70/30 vg/pg - I don’t use nic, so if ur gonna put nic in, the flavor will change.

Blueberry, .4 ml (capella) or 8 drops
Blueberry Jam, .4ml (capella) 16 drops
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, .4ml (capella) 8 drops
Jelly Candy .4ml or 8 drops (capella)
Green Apple, .8ml or 16 drops (capella)
Spearmint 1 drop…(capella)

literally… only one drop per 30ml or it will be too much mint… gives it that menthol breath. I’m going to try this with cool mint and creme de menthe… I think the creme de menthe will be best but I didn’t have any when I made this.

It’s a great shake n vape and even better after a week… this is my all day every day vape now… I make it 8 oz at a time… the recipe for 8 oz is a little easier to follow.:
Take an empty 8 ounce bottle ad put 90ml PG in there (3 oz) - then add the flavor:
13.5 ml Capella Green Apple (yep, the whole thing)
9ml Capella Blueberry
9ml Capella Blueberry JAM
4.5ml Capella Jelly Candy
2.25m Capella Spearmint
6.75ml Capella Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy
cap the bottle and shake it to death until it’s all full of bubbles, and the flavors don’t rainbow around in there… once it looks really nice and blended, top up the bottle with VG, leaving enough room to shake and have a go again until it looks well mixed. Vape that and tell me what you think. I’ve gotten rave reviews so far… I know you all will love it.


Sub Vapes Heizenberg

The recipe would then be:

As far as I can tell :smiley:



sounds like a good conversion… I never know what people want, lol.

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This looks good, I have been liking the Capella- Jelly Candy lately.

I was meh about the mint at first but then I remembered Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog is Watermelon with a tiny bit of menthol and I LOVE that stuff (stupid easy to clone), so it is the same concept with mint in this recipe.

Great job on putting the recipe together.

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I think this one is the best one going…




Then you will want to make my recipe, even if you dumb it down to a 10ml run… That description is what I worked my recipe off of, and then a guy who used to get that very liquid worked in a shop in Albuquerque where the recipe was first conceived but was kept a secret That description is also exactly what you would say having tasted mine but not knowing what was in there… I’ve had people tell me blueberry bubblegum, I’ve had people swear there’s grape in there, I’ve had people completely deny that there’s any green apple, but either way all of them say they love it for an all day vape anyway… I’m out of stock now and out of flavor too. :frowning: Shoulda kept my big mouth shut, lol.



Yeah, mint is a weird creature… You can use decent amounts of it when you want a minty flavor, but I was trying to figure out how they got the ‘menthol’ flavor in there… I wasn’t sure if menthol was achieved by some kind of mint or a blend of them or if its an actual flavor itself like Creme de Menthe and so forth so I thought about doublemint gum and the kind of cool that leaves in your mouth and decided to try just a drop of spearmint… one drop in 30ml and that fixed the whole recipe. The Green Apple I figured out myself… The blueberry was easy… everybody uses blueberry, lol… I started messing around with different strengths and then realized that the apple was the deal not the blueberry… I mean, two combined equals more blue than green flavor, but dividing them up and giving the highest single individual concentration to the GA and then it was just sweetening it up… jelly candy does a good job and the blue raspberry cotton candy for the light, fluffy feel that this juice has… kinda tastes like an over-sweet blue/white snowcone… with a kick.

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I’m thinking of doing a red version and using laffy taffy flavor instead. The one they have here tastes to me like red twizzlers.

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“Heisenberg clone” - My point was… Vampire Vapes makes Heisenberg, you can buy their flavour concentrate, good job anyway :smile:

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My point is, I live in USA now and customs will not import it so I have to clone it, hence the Heisenberg Clone. :slight_smile: Nice try though. :wink:



that sounded sarcastic… what I mean is good suggestion but I already tried and they won’t process it through now.



Oh, I see, I was not aware you couldn’t get it in US, that sucks

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You can grab Heisenberg here… little pricey but it’s available


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Yeah, it sucks majorly, which is why everyone over here is dying to find a good clone. I wonder if just the flavor would ship… I tried getting the Heisenberg juice, not the flavor… will have to check that. I need to know if my clone is even close, lol

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Ahh… see… there are so many out there it’s hard to know which one is the right one. The description on this one sounds different… If anything, I’m looking at going with this: https://www.vampirevape.co.uk/heisenberg-flavour-concentrate.html
I’m hoping it’s the real deal, and since it’s a flavor concentrate, you can make about 16 ounces. For 10 pounds GB that’s not too bad.



And then, you find out that shipping is 1.5 times the actual bottle of juice, bringing it up to 24 pounds making it much less reasonable, which is why no one has this over here… :frowning:



It’s from the company that makes the original :wink:



You missed one critical component. There has to be anise in there. No anise no hb. I vape the original all day every day. Also koolada should be added.



Drove by Vampirevape the other day in Blackburn but did not have time to stop, wish I did now since reading this post that they do the Heisenberg as been dying to try it. Will defo stop next time as I am up that way most weeks

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I believe that is incorrect… those flavors could be implied by those who are familiar with them… I have tried it with either, or and both and my guy says ‘No, this is not HB’. He likes the formulation above better. I’m waiting for someone in here to actually make it and give an honest review (hopefully that someone having tried both commercial versions of HB) Mind you, I’m using the Albuquerque, NM version of Heisenberg, created in a vape shop near the house they used for the show. They also created Pinkman which is a Strawberry/Watermelon Bubblegum sort of flavor. Probably using Strawberry Cough by TastyPuff as a primary flavor. Try my recipe… you’ll like it, guaranteed… and even if it doesn’t taste like the one from England, that one is not the ‘original, authentic Heisenberg’ I’d like to think the one that came out where the show was being filmed should get credit as the orig… Just sayin… This flavor came out as early as 2009, which is only a couple years into the vape scene so…you be the judge.