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The Heisenberg Clone is Here!


What can happen if i change de CAP flavour for the TFA, this would be my first diy E juice


gpa22 I’m not very familiar with the stength of TFA flavors but I hear they’re a bit better. I’d go ahead and mix it the same and just use a couple drops less of each tfa flavor… then after a hot steep, give it a vape and see if you like it. If it’s weak, go ahead and add the rest of the drops you held out. My recipe is not exacting, by any means. Play with it all you like.


Yeah, that was back when I first started mixing… its basically 20 drops (small drops) per ml. so if want .4 mils it’s about 8 drops.


Sorry, guizai, I was able to snake the original recipie and there is no star anise, there is no koolada and there is no menthol. Go figure.


Hey CM :slight_smile: I made up your Heisenberg clone the other day but I had forgotton the Spearmint though had ordered Eucalyptus & Mint so used that in it’s place.
A very nice juice but not Vampire Vapes Heisenberg.

Did I see a post somewhere where you said what was in the recipie - Red Grape???

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’ve seen the name Heisenberg since my early days of mixing, but have never tried it (it being one of those flavors overseas)… whats the latest and greatest breakthrough on it?
whats its profile even? JuiceDB has some unusual descriptions, it seems like a split of half the people say its grape soda and etc and others are saying its anise.

What say you?


Whats the story for this? any update?


*Heisenberg has anise in it no dout about it…therer are 2 makers also…vampire vape an innevape…they both taste the same to me…but innevape also makes a non menthol…I also think there is a bit of Absinthe in it…

the usa seller of it is https://www.eightvape.com/products/innevape-heisenberg-75ml they have it with an with out mint

i tried both versions of it at a vape convention in CT…and they are both the same to me…


Doug Vernon



just emailed,


Does apple and spearmint play a part?


Vampire vapes heisenberg was the first ejuice i was wowed by many years ago in the days of vaping with a pen. I wouldnt liek it now but did try and clone it a while ago after stumbling by accident on a concentrate that is 100% definately in it in my opinion, sasami blue alien


Not in mine,… it was described as a blue raspberry snowcone with a ‘menthol finish’ or something to that effect, so I just combined some flavors that spoke that to me and got the recipe I use.


Doug Vernon



Email sent


whats the email for? to buy it or have the recipe sent? is cloudmutilator the heisenburg owner? I don’t know the etiquette of what to ask.


I’m unsure… I have to go look for it now… I’ll let you know.


“Is cloudmutilator the heisenburg owner?”
Well, I made this particular recipe based on what I was told it tasted like… so, this is MY version of it, but I hardly own it… anyone is free to take it, modify it, use it, share it… I don’t care. I was just playing around in my early days of vaping. :slight_smile:


Email was just looking for direct clarification on recipe… no red grape or blue alien… mostly capela and tasty puff flavors were all I had available… I think this one is all capela if I remember correctly.


“Yeah, mint is a weird creature… You can use decent amounts of it when you want a minty flavor, but I was trying to figure out how they got the ‘menthol’ flavor in there… I wasn’t sure if menthol was achieved by some kind of mint or a blend of them or if its an actual flavor itself like Creme de Menthe and so forth so I thought about doublemint gum and the kind of cool that leaves in your mouth and decided to try just a drop of spearmint… one drop in 30ml and that fixed the whole recipe. The Green Apple I figured out myself… The blueberry was easy… everybody uses blueberry, lol… I started messing around with different strengths and then realized that the apple was the deal not the blueberry… I mean, two combined equals more blue than green flavor, but dividing them up and giving the highest single individual concentration to the GA and then it was just sweetening it up… jelly candy does a good job and the blue raspberry cotton candy for the light, fluffy feel that this juice has… kinda tastes like an over-sweet blue/white snowcone… with a kick.”

Excerpt from above… definitely green apple in my recipe… no grape… and spearmint, not cool mint… big difference.