The iJoy Combo RDTA, a true RDTA

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The iJoy Combo RDTA was sourced from Heavengifts!


Oh yes, more iJoy gear to review! And I have to admit this one is an impressive piece of gear.
The Combo RDTA is not only a beautiful solution for people who want the dripper experience without the hassle of actually having to drip, it’s also an excellent companion for the Maxo I reviewed before.
In fact my Combo RDTA hasn’t been off the Maxo much, besides for testing purposes. It just pairs up too nicely to split them up.

But why is this one such an impressive one? Let’s have a look!

iJoy Combo RDTA


  • 25mm diameter
  • 6.5ml capacity
  • 6 RDA decks available (2 included)
  • Gold plated decks
  • 0.3ohm IMC Coilhead included
  • Sidefilling system
  • Wide bore topcap
  • 510 driptip adapter included
  • Available in black or stainless steel



The Combo RDTA is essentially a dripper with replaceable decks that has a Genesis style tank underneath.
And that’s what a true RDTA is supposed to be, it’s supposed to give you the dripping experience without having to drip.
That’s what the Combo RDTA will provide too, in every sense of the word it’s a dripper with a bottomfeed from a tank.

iJoy has been releasing a lot of gear lately and a lot of it is based around the RDTA system (Combo RDTA, Limitless RDTA, Limitless RDTA Classic Edition, RDTA Box, …).
The Combo RDTA is one of the earliest iterations and is one of two that isn’t using the Limitless branding, and in my humble opinion it’s also one of the prettiest of the entire batch.
The topcap is (unfortunately) plastic and has a very wide bore in conical shape, though there is a 510 driptip adapter included in the package.
Just under that is a stainless steel barrel with two straight airflow slots measuring 2mm X 15mm, enough to cool down most exotic builds.
The etching of a shield on the barrel is quite beautiful and doesn’t detract from the overall look of the Combo, it just fits right in.

Below the barrel is a golden ring that belongs to the deck, or the part that holds the deck at least.
You see, iJoy figured that drippers and by extension RDTAs come with options to build on.
So iJoy made a bunch of different decks going from the (now standard) two post Velocity style deck, to postless decks, clamping decks and quadcoil decks.
The decks included in the Combo RDTA package are the IMC-3 deck (which is the Velocity deck) and the IMC-2 deck (which is a clamping deck resembling the one on the Cthulhumod Shuriken RDA).
Both the decks have plenty of room to build on, though the IMC-3 deck is argueably easier to build on. The IMC-2 deck however has the advantage of being able to fit thicker wires.
With the IMC-2 deck being a clamping deck there’s also a con that usually pops up.
Or at least that’s one of the things the Shuriken RDA has as a disadvantage, to mount the coils you have to hold the clamps up to slide the wire in.
The IMC-3 deck doesn’t have this issue because it has springs underneath the clamps, which means that the clamps will stay up for you to slide the wire through.
Of course there’s also a myriad of other decks available and these are all exchangeable with the aforementioned RDTA products from iJoy.
My personal favorite so far is the IMC-7, a postless deck that comes with the Limitless RDTA Classic Edition, though they can be bought separately for around $8.

Moving along from the deck, we get to the bottom section of the Combo RDTA which is the tank.
A glass section where you should be able to see you wicks drop down just a tad, since this is a Genesis-style system.
The capacity is a proper 6.5ml but don’t make any assumptions about it being enough, the Combo RDTA gets lively with low builds and higher wattages so frugality is not applicable.
With that said, I’ve tried the standard macro build and it just doesn’t seem to do anything for me. The vape was rather weak and the flavor wasn’t there.
When I switched to a dual staggered fused clapton and turned the power up to a staggering 180W, there was a lot more to the Combo RDTA than I expected.
But as always with these kinds of builds, they consume liquid like there’s no tomorrow and the tank was empty before I knew it.
Filling the tank is quite easy, just pop off the barrel and use the hole on the side of the golden base.

One thing that wasn’t included in the package but can be bought separately, is the RDA base for the Combo RDTA.
Essentially it’s a way to transform the Combo RDTA into the Combo RDA, without a tank.
Being lucky enough to also own the Limitless RDTA Classic Edition (I’ll review that one later on), I have one of those decks around and can safely say it works as intended.
It turns the Combo into a fully fledged dripper with exchangeable decks, though you’ll still have to cut your wicks slightly longer than usual with RDAs.


The coilheads and decks.

Pros and Cons.


  • Exchangeable decks
  • Very clean machining and build quality
  • Looks very good
  • Versatile due to decks and (optional) RDA base
  • Comes alive with bigger builds and higher wattages


  • RDA base not included
  • Plastic topcap/driptip
  • Needs more power/bigger builds

In conclusion.

The Combo RDTA is a beautiful piece of kit that can be very versatile. I would have preffered the topcap not to be in plastic, because considering it’s threaded on it forms a weak point.
The tank has plenty of capacity but empties quickly with bigger builds, which the Combo RDTA does seem to require to get a good vape from it.
I like the way this is built up and I love how versatile it is with the exchangeable decks. Once you find a deck that fits your style it’s well worth buying a spare so you can use different builds.
Would I buy another if this one broke? Probably, though I have a Limitless RDTA Classic Edition which is almost identical to the Combo RDTA.

In closing I would like to thank Heavengifts for sending out the iJoy Combo RDTA!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at the Smok Brit Mini and Smok Brit One kits!

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