The iJoy Tornado 150, a small heavy-hitter

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The iJoy Tornado was sourced from Heavengifts!


As I mentioned in my previous review of the iJoy Maxo, iJoy is kicking up quite a storm lately.
And this tank takes that expression a bit more literal, it’s called Tornado and is claiming to do its best work above 100W.
In fact the packaging states “150”, which relates to the wattage it can take. 150W in such a small tank… what has this world come to?

Let’s have a closer look at this little guy!

iJoy Tornado 150


  • 25mm diameter
  • 4.2ml capacity (only 3ml with the RBA head)
  • 2 prebuilt coilheads and an RBA head included
  • Top filling system
  • Wide bore topcap
  • Available in black or stainless steel



I’ve lovingly nicknamed this tank the “Disney tank”. Not because it resembles Mickey Mouse or anything, but because of the typeface iJoy decided to use on the packaging.
I’m actually surprised they haven’t been hit with a lawsuit from Disney yet… because it truly is a blatant use of the same typeface.

That little titbit aside, the Tornado is not the best looking tank out there but it does perform extremely well.
iJoy claims the Tornado can take up to 150W, and it does its best work around the magical 100W mark.
From my experience, 150W can get a little too rowdy in the Tornado. Even if you turn the airflow to fully open the Tornado heats up quite fast and the vape becomes rather unpleasant.
So the 100W mark was sort of the point where I settled on to get a good vape from it and it does well at those wattages, despite it’s size.

The Tornado is 25mm in diameter and holds an impressive 4.2ml with the prebuilt coilheads (slightly less with the RBA). It keeps a low profile in its looks but not in its performance.
On top is a conically shaped driptip which also serves as the access to the kidneyshaped filling holes, unfortunately it is made in plastic and feels rather cheap in comparison to the rest of the Tornado.
As it is conically shaped, the hole on top does fit a 510 driptip but it quite frankly looks fucking ridiculous if you put one on.

Just under the driptip is another ring that has the almost non-existant chimney under it.
It serves as the part to attach everything together and keeps the glass section in place with an o-ring.
At the bottom is where the airflow resides, the airflow is made up from two kidneyshaped holes measuring 2mm X 25mm.
This should be plenty to cool even the bigger coils, given that your wicking will keep up of course.

This brings me to the insides of the Tornado, it’s not just an RTA but also a subohm clearomizer.
This means the Tornado can use the RBA head included as well as the prebuilt coilheads iJoy includes in the package.
Preinstalled is a 0.3ohm coilhead which is rated for 80W to 150W, hence the indication of 150 on the box.
As a means of spare there’s also a 0.25ohm coilhead included, rated for use between a more modest 40W and 80W.
Both of the coilheads performed in similar fashion, the flavor is clean but dissipates after a few drags.
I suspect this has to do with heat, because the Tornado really does get hot to the touch after a few of those high-powered drags.

Then we come to the most interesting part, the RBA head.
A two-post deck with ample room for heavier builds and wicking channels that rival the size of the Bering Strait.
Since it has two posts you’d expect it to be a Velocity-styled deck, but this isn’t the case (for once).
It’s a regular two posts with a single hole each, though iJoy has made the holes plenty big for thick wire to fit into it.
Unfortunately the Tornado doesn’t come with a single coil adapter, nor is there a single coil deck available.
Considering the size of this tank, that would have been a nice option.


Pros and Cons.


  • Great flavor
  • Looks nice
  • Easy to build
  • Proper RBA head
  • Prebuilt coilheads last fairly long


  • Gets hot quick
  • Flavor dissipates when tank gets hot
  • No single coil option
  • Plastic topcap
  • Disney typeface

In conclusion.

The iJoy Tornado is a nice tank, whether you use the prebuilt heads or the RBA.
The RBA does a bit better in terms of flavor even with regular macro builds, but the prebuilt heads are a great backup.
The Tornado is a fairly low tank and doesn’t look too big on any mod, but with its 25mm diameter it does retain a large capacity.
I think iJoy certainly has something good going right now, and the Tornado fits their range quite well.
Would I replace the Tornado if it broke? Most likely, though I can’t say it’s special in any way.

In closing I would like to thank Heavengifts for sending out the iJoy Tornado!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at yet another iJoy product, the Combo RDTA!

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