The IJOY Tornado Nano

I won this tank thanks to one of @Heaven_Gifts many giveaways they do. Giveaway Link

Let me first say that I am fairly new to vaping as i only switched from cigarettes around 5 months ago so my knowledge of different tanks and vaping styles is limited.

You can get the tank from Heavengifts
SS Version
Black Version
Replacement Chip-Coil’s

Product Features:

  • 24.2mm Diameter
  • 4ml Tank Capacity
  • Threaded Top Fill
  • Two Post RTA Build Deck
  • Dual Terminal Per Post
  • 2mm Diameter Terminals
  • Side and Top Tightened Grub Screws
  • 18.6mm Diameter
  • 24K Gold Plated Contact
  • PEEK Insulator
  • High Heat Resistance
  • Dual 6mm by 3mm Diameter Airholes
  • Quad Wicking Ports
  • Sub Deck Cooling System
  • Chip Coil Sub-Ohm Tank System
  • Preinstalled 0.3 ohm Dual Twisted Coil
  • 40 to 80W
  • Rewickable
  • Innovative Chip Heating System
  • Disc Conductor
  • Dual Adjustable Airslots
  • 15mm by 1.5mm Airslots
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact


Pretty much standard as far as packaging goes.
I do like the black on yellow and the Tornado logo but agree with @JoJo that maybe another font could have been used for Tornado.

1 iJoy Tornado Nano
1 Two Post RTA Build Deck
1 iJoy Chip Coil 0.3 ohm (40 to 80W) (twisted kanthal)
1 Smoked Black Glass Tank Section
2 Pre made coils (twisted kanthal)
Spare O-Ring Pack
2 spare grub screws
1 510 drip tip
and a Hex Key

I also received a chuff cap, a spare smoked yellow glass section and a spare 0.3 ohm Chip Coil. I am not 100% sure but i believe that you would have to order these separately.

The Tank:

The tank consists of a chimney section, glass section the RBA/Chip Coil and the base section.

The top cap is a single unit (the Delrin is fixed to the stainless steel section.)

They also can be used as a 510 drip tip adapter.

RBA Section:

Big build area and massive are flow.
The post holes are 2 mm and the distance between them is a little over 12mm.
Chip Coil:

The coils are 0.3 ohm twisted kanthal, they are soldered to the chip/PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The coils also come in 0.6 ohm dual coil single strand kanthal and maybe more wire choices in the future (stainless steal, clapton’s ect.)
I have heard that they are releasing a version with LED’s on the PCB so it will light up when you take a pull.

The cotton is packed in so it might be wise to poke the wicking holes a little to “fluff up” the cotton a little.

I personally love the look of this tank. It’s smaller than any of my other tanks and sits well on my RX200.
The colour (yes there is a u in colour lol) changing is a little gimmicky but it will be a talking point and these days getting people to talk about vaping is always a good thing.

I like a airy direct to lung hit and this tank delivers. Some tanks i have tried loose flavour when you open up the air intake but I have not noticed it with this tank.
I get a really smooth vape with plenty of vapour and tons of flavour.
The only negative thing a can say about this tank is if/when you need to replace the coil you will have juice come out as the glass is secured in place via the coil/rba section, once it is detached the glass is only held in place by gravity (when upside down.)

A massive thank you to @Heaven_Gifts for sending me this great tank.


Great job on this review :ok_hand:


Great job on review. Good pics. @Heaven_Gifts should b happy , a deserving winner won, and did a great job sharing info with rest of us


I won a giveaway recently for a avacado 24, any tips or advice you could give me, if i want to do a review like this for the item i won

Thank you and @MisterSinner for the good comments about the review. I was worried I would not do it justice and as it was a giveaway I want to try my best. I have been using this tank exclusively since i received it and am loving it.

Congratulations on your win from @Heaven_Gifts, the Avacado 24 looks like a great tank.
As for tip, I would suggest looking at what others have done. Divide your review into sections as it make it easier to read.
Take pictures (if you plan to) before using it. Overall, just take your time and try to enjoy doing it. I did.

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My pleasure. :grinning:

I haven’t used anything else since purchasing the nano…I love it!!..I’ve moved from using stock coils to building my own, thanks to YouTube and its on the nano that I’ve started. My only problem is that I wore out the screws on the deck and used all the spares. I’m trying to find out where I can get replacements…your review was great, I agree with your cons but only on this tank I’m happy to overlook them

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