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The JUUL thread



You know it’s funny, I know a few people who actually started off with regular mods and attys but switched to juul or pod setups for various reasons. I think the convenience of the itty bitty guys is hard to match. They’re 100% pocket friendly and there’s no tinkering needed. A lot of us who like our big cloud makers like all the building and tinkering and fun that comes with new gadgets, but for someone who doesn’t want all that and just wants straight-forward easy-peasy action, why bother? I’d guess that most people that move from the little guys up to what most of us here are using probably do so more often because they’re intrigued by it, and not because they actually feel the need for more power/options/whatever. I could be totally wrong though, who knows. I’ve only ever used pod systems for stealth because I started with sub ohm vw stuff and liked it from the get go.


I think 20somethings are still in the millennial group, no? Lol :woman_shrugging:


This makes me want to scream

“At some point, the youth use of those products becomes so intolerable that they have no redeeming public health value