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Also wanted to open up a “all things related to JUUL” thread.

I know there are mixed feelings about this product. I have mixed feelings about this product. As much vape gear as I have, and have offered to my adult children, none of them have shown much interest. My oldest daughter though has a JUUL and has remained smoke free for over a year. And I have heard of other vapers trying to get people to quit and finding the right set up and it never takes. Then months later the same people quit by purchasing a JUUL.

Love it or hate it, it does seem to be effective. My biggest issue is that I think they are part of the drive to take away flavors from vapers that can’t or won’t make their own e juice.


And it’s not just Juul… pod systems with high Nicotine salt contents were the devices that got my mother and GF off ciggs completely , the fact that juul is sooooo big is why they get all the press. You are right they have a place in the fight to get peeps off the sticks


Is enemy of my enemy is my friend, or my enemy? is an ancient proverb which suggests that two opposing parties can or should work together against a common enemy or that they are also enemy’s. The earliest known expression of this concept is found in a Sanskrit treatise on statecraft, the Arthashastra , which dates to around the 4th century BC, while the first recorded use of the current English version came in 1884.”
I’ll take any push back against the ANTZ = Anti Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots. The ANTZ will come up with any exaggeration to kill vaping and not bat an eye.


I think because it’s so small and simple to use that most people will start and probably stick to them for vaping, until they learn themselves or someone shows them what they could have.

New vapors just have no clue that they can get nice small set-up. Like a single 18650 battery mod and a nice smaller RTA. Buy or make some 50Mg/mL e-juice. Then just put in a single SS 316 coil around 0.75 ohm. Set it to temp control right at 350-360 deg F and it will HIT exactly like a Juul.

The battery will last 10-20 times longer but still deliver the same 50mg e-juice and vapor production that a Juul does and in the long run save them TONS of Cash and the flavor can be so much better if they tweak it right.

That’s what Im doing now… never will need or WANT a Juul or POD anymore. They were nice because of the small size but in the long run expensive and a pain to always charge and fill them. And 2 of mine broke because of e-juice leaking into the thing.

If an experienced vapor with the right product and e-juice knowledge took the time and showed someone… Again - they can have an awesome smaller setup that will give them the same Hit a Juul will, and last so much longer and save them lots of cash and headache when it breaks or the battery keeps needing to be charged.

It’s really comes to the simplicity and convenience I think for most people. Until they tire of the cost or lack of flavor. Then get educated about what other gear can do for them.


TBH I’ve never used or even seen a Juul in person. But it’s doing the job it was designed to do and helping people quit cigarettes. This marketing idea sounds like it could be a smart move.


Ok so I just turned 60 ( going on 30 ) in July and decided to go back to college. We get breaks in class so the smoking group evolved over the last year. These are young kids 21 to 25 ish. 2 smoke cigs the rest vape 2 have advanced mods…me included the rest of them have juuls. All I can say is they like them cause the thing is so small…easy to hide and they get their fix. But all of them are jealous of my steam =)


Just out of curiosity I wonder how many first time Juul users if any, move up to regular mods and atomizers?


I’ll ask my group of gen x kids.


My daughter uses hers and seems content. On long trips she will ask if she can vape on one of my mods and takes DL hits. I’ve offered her set ups before and juice but she seems content with the ease of use of her JUUL.

My step son will grab a cigalike when we go to enclosed events like the UFC fights but has shown little interest in any set up I’ve handed him. If I thought my 2 step sons and daughter-in-law would quit by using JUULs I would buy them all one.

The. Part of me wants to say screw JUUL and Altria. Sometimes I do say it.


Speaking of


Big Tobacco/JUUL/Altria are crazy like a fox; bait and switch is their master plan.

If only the Big Oil would jump on renewable/clean energy as fast as Big Tobacco has jumped on Vaping to make a buck. :confused: Planet Earth would benefit, as ex-smokers have benefited from vaping; staying alive and well is the primary goal. :sunglasses:


In my experience those small 50mg/mL nic hits they give, are good for quitting and staying with them. :wink:


So a quick survey. They say easy to use easy to hide. Easy to charge. Great flavors.



Doesn’t matter… Im an adult don’t need to hide it.

Hahaha, battey is aweful, it always seems to go dead the minute you really need it :rofl:

Not really… but you can get use to their flavors (except the tabbacco one, it’s pretty nasty to me) Its more the fix I need to stay away from cigs, that matters.

It just terrorizes me that one day vaping can be banned and Im unable to vape, cause I know… just THAT 1 real cig and I could be right back to it. Vapes been a real life saver… the only thing that keeps me away from cigs.


Agreed… =)


I highly doubt vaping will ever be totally banned. :smirk: But, let’s say it was… as long as you know how to build an RDA, have the mod to fire it, and can mix your own juice… you’re golden.

Many folks here have gone through the process of stockpiling for the vapocalypse. If you feel like your vaping pleasure could be taken away at any moment… join the legions of vaping folks who pride themselves in being self sufficient, should something ugly and wicked this way cometh! :grimacing:


Might want to look at page 62 in:


I think they’re up to at least Y or Z now… :wink: lol


Yes this is a fact… I have 6 or so rdas never opened and about the same amount of mods …


That “Page 62” should make the hackles on all Vapers stand up! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Yet, another bad government social experiment which I hope fails.