The Mamasan E-Liquid Line Review by tbt127

Hey guys! Today I offer you all a review of The Mamasan E-Liquid line, courtesy of the recent giveaway by @Heaven_Gifts! The line consists of five flavors, including: Mama Melon (green), A.S.A.P. (blue), Purple Cheesecake (purple), Bruce Leechee (red), and Guava Pop (orange).

The Mamasan e-liquid line is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels. I chose to get these with 0mg nicotine, because I wanted to be able to add my own nicotine at 2mg.

As you can see there is still a warning label on the bottle, even on 0mg.

There is also a smaller printed warning, in addition to an ‘in case of contact with eyes or skin’ warning, and an ingredients list that is printed on the side of the bottle as well.

These e-liquids are being vaped on the Desire Mad Dog V2 RDA with a 0.13-ohm dual coil setup of 28/34 clapton paralleled with 26 gauge, all SS316L. I also changed my wicks and rinsed my coils between each flavor.

Before jumping in here, please remember that taste is subjective, therefore, what I do or don’t taste will not necessarily reflect the thoughts/views/tastes of others!

Mama Melon: The Mother of all Melon Flavors. Fresh Honey Dew Melon, Chinese Hami Melon and lots and lots of Vanilla Cream.
Okay, starting with Mama Melon! I really like this flavor. I can absolutely taste the honeydew melon, in addition to the Chinese hami melon. I have never had Chinese hami melon, therefore, I am not sure what it is supposed to taste like, however, I know what honeydew taste like, so I know the distinct melon flavor that I am tasting in addition to the honeydew must be the Chinese hami melon, and I must say, I really like it! This e-liquid is sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. The combination of these melons with the vanilla cream make this a very smooth vape and a really good flavor. Also, the description states that it is loaded with vanilla cream, and I can taste it in there and can tell that it plays a significant role in the e-liquid, but I would not go as far as to say that it tastes like it is loaded with vanilla cream. I think it is very well-balanced. Now although I like this flavor very much, I would not be able to use this as an ADV. In my opinion, it is good, but I think a person must be really, really into melon vapes to be able to vape this on a continuous basis. However, it is something that I can vape a tankful of every few days and really enjoy.

A.S.A.P.: A Sour Candy mix of Green Apple, Sweet Strawberry, and Peach all kissed with a cool exhale.
Next, we have A.S.A.P.! I will start by saying this is a menthol vape, so those of you who do not like menthol don’t waste your time reading the review of this flavor! I like menthol, although I don’t really vape it that often. Upon first vape, I will say that the foremost thing I taste is the menthol, but the flavors are there as well. It may be because I am not used to menthol e-liquids, so it is a bit of a shock to me at first. After vaping for a few minutes and getting used to the abruptness of the menthol in the beginning, I can taste more of the flavors. I absolutely taste the apple first, and I can taste the strawberry as well, but not as strong as the apple. I can pick out the peach, but only if I really concentrate on finding it. This is not a bad vape at all. I think the fruits blend well with the menthol to create a smooth vape. This e-liquid is sweet, but to me it seems that the sweetness is overpowered by the menthol. I think that it has too much menthol in it, but keep in mind this is coming from someone who doesn’t really vape all that much menthol! I do like it, but I would not buy it! It has too much menthol for me, but if you are one who likes strong menthol flavor, it would probably be very good for you!

Purple Cheesecake: Rich and Creamy Filipino Style Ube Cheesecake.
This is so freaking yummy! So far, this is my favorite! Not only does this taste good, but it smells fantastic as well! I have never had an ube before, but this is awesome stuff! This is definitely a very good cheesecake e-liquid, but it is so different than any other cheesecake flavor I have had! It is sweet, smooth, and very well-balanced! I really don’t know exactly how to describe this flavor, because it doesn’t really remind me of anything I have had before. It has an earthiness to it, like taro, but not as pronounced! This is about as good as I can describe this one, however, I am sure if you are one who likes cheesecake vapes you will most likely enjoy this one! This is one that I could probably make my ADV if there were such a thing for me, but because I DIY e-liquid I switch my flavors often (like every hour or two)!!! Now I really need to find an ube concentrate!

Bruce Leechee: Juicy Mangos with a soft touch of Sweet Lychee.
Okay, now for this one, let me tell you…I had a bad experience with a lychee e-liquid when I first started vaping that turned me against the flavor ever since, so needless to say, I was very apprehensive to try this one. However, this one was very, very good! Again, here is another e-liquid from the Mamasan line that is very well-balanced. It is not as sweet as the others, and it probably has a tad bit more of a throat hit than the others so far, but this is tied now with purple cheesecake as my favorite! This e-liquid has more of the lychee flavor on the inhale, probably because it is the dominant flavor, but the mango blends in nicely with it on the exhale. A very lovely blend of two exotic fruits in this e-liquid, and another that is like nothing else I have ever vaped! I really like this one too!!!

Guava Pop: Guava hard candy finished with a sweet Juicy Peach.
Well guys, I am down to the last in line, and I must say it may be last, but it’s absolutely not least! This one has wowed me! I feel like I keep saying the same things over and over again in each paragraph I write, but its so true. The Mamasan has perfected these flavors (well in my opinion, four out of the five) in terms of sweetness, smoothness, and balance between the flavors. Guava pop does not disappoint, and it has taken the top spot in my ranking of this e-liquid line! I love guava, it is one of my favorite flavors of all time, and in this juice, it is pronounced, sweet, not overbearing, and has a candy finish that is awesome! I know the description says that it has a juicy peach finish, but to me, I taste more of a pear flavor, but it isn’t strong, so not very discernible. I love it! For me, guava pop takes the cake!

I know this is a mixing forum, but it was very kind of @Heaven_gifts to offer this as a giveaway prize, and I thank them for it! If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these e-liquids, they are available at Heavengifts for $24.99/each for a 100ml bottle.

Thanks for reading guys!


Ube is like a purple sweet potato I think, that purple cheesecake was the first premade juice I bought since I started diy almost a year ago and I thought it was delicious as well!!


Thanks for the review! I liked the “Subjectivity” disclaimer :wink: too. Yeah the Lychee has been a topic but as a Mango pairing? also a recent topic hmmm… might be one of those perfect pairings. Like the product line look. Simple labels with smart names …and you make it all sounds so tasty! Nice work.


Nice review!!


@SunnyT Great review on these juices. Actually very nice TO see a review for a little something different.