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SirRisc here with a tasty RDA review, today I will be looking into the Marquis RDA clone courtesy of


FocalEcig is a retail website that, much like its name suggests, focusses solely on vaping and accessories.

Much like that other China-based retail website we all use, FocalEcig is filled to the brim with deals, and they’re good ones!

Though most of the stuff they sell are clones or replicas (whatever term you prefer), they also carry some authentic gear that they offer for great prices.

If you’ve ever ordered from them or spent some time on their Facebook group you’ll also know their very chatty customer representative, Doris, who was kind enough to send me this Marquis RDA clone for review.

Thank you for that, Doris and FocalEcig!

The Marquis RDA clone

The authentic Marquis was a joint collaboration effort between Cisco (AvidVaper), Dino Ferrari (strprswpr), and Jon Armstrong (JonBoyUSMC), and initially sold in the US as being a groundbreaking and innovative designed RDA.
It was mainly coined as being a flavorchaser that is easy to build and delivers a great vape each and every time.
The clone does exactly the same thing without the hefty price tag, somewhat lesser quality and less fancy packaging.

The Marquis RDA clone comes in a black cardboard box with golden lettering, and is made of 304 stainless steel with a 22mm diameter.

The box contains the atomiser, a set of coiling rods, a set of spare o-rings, a couple of spare screws for the posts, 2 prebuilt coils that are pretty much useless because they were both wrapped clockwise (more on that later), 3 different sizes of top insert for driptips, and the famous blue screwdriver to add to your ever growing collection.

The RDA measures in at 26mm height without the driptip, and 36mm with the largest driptip.

The driptips have a wide bore measuring in at 8.7mm, meaning it can be dripped through. No need to remove your driptip each time!

The 510 connection comes with a copper screw for the positive connection, which is a little rough on the edges. The threading is near perfect though.

The centerpost is insulated with a three part PEEK insulator, and a crown shaped positive post to catch your wires.

The dripwell is very deep at 6mm, and holds a metric fuckton of juice. I’ve found myself vaping on this longer than I did on the Magma without having to drip, but also having more residual flavor when switching juices.

The machining on the clone is excellent, there’s not a single flaw to be found anywhere except on the inserts on top. They’re a little rough but sanding them down a bit fixes that problem quickly.

Not that it matters because you’ll probably be using the longest one as a driptip just like I do, and that one is perfect.


In terms of building on the Marquis, it is a bit… special.

The RDA comes with special rods to build on, in 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm so there’s choice of size for your builds.
The coiling rods are made to fit in the little notches made in the dripwell, they lock the rods so your build can be perfectly positioned each and every time.
I haven’t used 4mm coils myself yet, but the 3mm build I put in the Marquis works great so I won’t bother.
The easiest build on the Marquis is a chimney build, which means the wicks drop down into the dripwell.
And that’s where the trouble with this one lies… It’s hard to get your wick out to cut it at length once the coils have been seated.

One of the tricks on the Marquis is that you have to build your coils in the opposite direction of each other.
Meaning you will have to wrap one coil clockwise, and the other counterclockwise to position your leads for the posts.
Confused? Yeah, I got it wrong the first time too. :wink:


One of the things the Marquis is, is beautifully simple looking.
It’s sleek, clean and fits beautifully on nearly any battery, mechs and regulated boxes alike.
When you pull off the topcap, the deck is equally impressive.
There’s a deep engraving of the Marquis logo on the airflow part of the deck looking all pretty.
The only thing marking the outside is the M on the largest driptip, which is the same M as the engraving on the deck.
Pretty. Very pretty.


The Marquis was coined as being a flavorchaser, but don’t let that fool you.
It does big clouds just fine, just not as dense as other drippers.
The flavor though… Oh man, the flavor!
Even with max VG juice where the flavor tends to mute after a couple of tugs on most drippers, this just keeps on hitting your tastebuds.
It delivers a clean and full flavor each and every time.
In terms of airflow it’s a little limited, you can do lunghits but it’ll be more restricted lunghits.
One of the downsides from this is the heat buildup, it tends to get very very warm after chainvaping for a couple of minutes.
If you build subohm coils like I did (0.4ohm dual) you’ll notice that chainvaping isn’t an option without burning your lips unless you use a delrin driptip.


The authentic Marquis comes with a rather heavy price tag from Avidvaper, at $145 it’s not exactly an RDA you’ll try on a whim.
The clone however doesn’t come with the same price tag and does pretty much the same thing the authentic does.
However at a price of $12.05 for a high quality clone, this is easy to get into.

In conclusion

So how does she vape, SirRisc?
It’s good. Not excellent, but it is good.
The Marquis clone delivers great flavor, decent vapor production and is definitely a good addition to any dripper collection.
The design is beautifully done and innovative in terms of building options but it’s not as easy to get into as it claims.
Building on the deck comes with a few issues like getting your wicks right but once a build is right, it vapes like a champ.

As always I’d like to thank you all for reading, and I would like to thank Doris and FocalEcig for sending me this Marquis clone for review!

Next up is a review for the Youde Goblin RTA paired with the IPV Mini II!


SirRisc disappears in a cloud of strawberry custard vapor

Note: This review also appears on TheOhmPage.


As always, great review! :smile:

Cheers Daath :wink:

I didn’t like the flavour, maybe my clone wasn’t good enough…

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Why not Aux? Did it run too warm for you perhaps?

I don’t know, it is just not the same flavour as used to with Plume Veil. Plume just rapes your mouth with flavour (: And Marquis is like, yeah, flavour, it’s there, somewhere. No intense flavour kick (:

I think I might have to give the Plume Veil a go then… :wink:

In my opinion, nothing beats PV. Sunshine says Veritas is better, but I’ve never tried it. The only thing with PV is that you should parallel coils and if you build a single coil, then you should put the cotton in a special way to route all the bottom air under the coil. When done properly (there are photos in my PV review on ecr_eu) it tastes like magic! Vaping it right now (:

Oh and the drip tip it comes with kills the flavour, lol.

I have the exact clone and if it had more air flow, It would be in my rotation. Sadly it sits in the back of my vape stand now along with the Magma. The moment I got the Mutation X , the Dark Horse and the Plume Veil, there was no going back. It’s all about the air flow!!

Nice presentation/review though ; )


I will have to buy one. It is a nice looking unit. I have a Mutation x V3 for the clouds and a Dark Horse and Lancia on its way here. I’ll have to add a PV to the collection now as well.
Thanks for a great review!

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great review! cool tank

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