The meaning of bubbles

When vaping I will often see bubbles coming up from the juice channel(s) Shouldn’t air come up thru the air holes anr equalize that pressure so that doesn’t happen? I ask because if I loosen the top of the tank, the bubbles happen more often. So is it better having a looser top or tighter top?

When liquid goes through to the coils, a vacuum is created in the tank, air is thereby pulled into the tank :smile:

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So it goes thru the air holes into the chamber where the coil is then out thru the wicking material into the actual tank area… where I see it rising to the surface… interesting
I know ya just play a physicists on tv and all but… why would I get more air bubbles right when I loosen the top of the tank? I would think that would have equalized the pressure and wouldn’t have bubbles come up when I did it.

Yes! When you took a drag, you basically pulled juice into the chamber, leaving a vacuum in the tank. You vaporized the juice, so that means mostly air returns to the tank. A little bit of wicked juice does make it back into the tank, which is why you sometimes see a difference in color, when you’ve almost drained a tank and fill it - the liquid left in the tank is sometimes slightly darker (especially if the coil is not new)…