The Milk and Honey Man

So i was putt’n around on ChefsUK when i went to check out their FLV selection and noticed this:

The default sort is by Best Selling. Now we all know who’s fault that is, in fact i hated Milk and Honey until Land of Milk and Honey, after which i had to purchase more of each…


All right… @Rocky02852 strikes again… but the question is… can it work in a pod at 2.6%?? I’ll have to try… never pushed M&H that high… definitely not @70/30, 60/40 more likely, I just might modify it and “make it work” in a POD Ken did it work on yours in the picture??


Unfortunately i cant answer that for you, in the Novo 2 on the left i have a Vanilla Pipe and in the Novo 1 on the right i have a Bleuberry Ice that i am trying to test but i cant stop cough farting as the result of a cold. LoM&H lives in the Pulse on the right.


If @Rocky02852 agrees and approves I’ll make a LOMH 4POD… already know what will have to be pushed/added… e,g. Honey!! PODs need a strong head note!
Thinking on adding a 0,5 (POD remember…) of FA Honey, and got ringing in my brain Maple Bar, and its slight note of Honey, to keep the recipe deep…!


I don’t know, maple bar was a strong flavour but light in body, there was another one that had a maple note that had more body from FLV, I’m thinking it was like Sweet Dough or something similar but it’s been a few years since I’ve used it so skip this post.


By all means, go for it Frank :+1:
The Milk N Honey can go as high as 3% but I have no expertise in POD mixes🤷‍♂️

BTW @Ken_O_Where the FLV Cream in LOMH can be replaced with 2% Ice Cream (SSA) :ok_hand:


I guess I’ll drop my recipe here lol, i spent 6 weeks vaping milk and honey at various percentages trying to nail it down, this recipe is, i feel, showcasing milk and honey and highlighting all the different nuances i get from it at various concentrations


Oh really? “Adds to next purchase.” I made a flavor base and add it to coffee too, so gud.

@Fishaddict420 that looks delicious, ill have to add coffee flv to my next purchase list.

@Iv3shf Please do, ive struggled with both ice and creams in pod devices although the Novo is the only one i use and not very often.


I’ve been mixing up 240 of this one every couple weeks…

I haven’t had good luck with the FLV Coffee, but now I want to mix that one up. And think I have all the flavors! :grin:


I usually only use a drop or two per 30ml of flv coffee, sometimes a drop or two in 60ml lol it’s very strong and gets nasty when pushed, the highest I’ve ever used it was 0.4% in one of smokyblue’s recipes but it had pound cake, maple bar and fried dough subduing it a little and was still the primary flavor.

Take my thoughts with a grain of salt though, i can’t vape flv cream higher than 0.2% without it tasting like cheese to me lol


Same here and at 0.4 it was overpowering and just not a good coffee experience, lowest I used it was 0.14% and even though I love Coffee Vapes just couldn’t get along with that one…
But I’m putting your mix on my to-do list for my Saturday night mixing session :call_me_hand:


I hope it works out for you then! Its only 3 drops in a 60ml for that recipe so hopefully it will lol


Would SSA’s Cappuccino coffee @1.5% do as a sub Rocky? Even if I think it’s more of a coffee creamer rather then a coffee, but you know best, you know them both… otherwise chef’s my friend… ahahah need to get that well appraised ice cream anyway…


For the Cappuccino SC, no. The SSA has to much cream baggage…
The only place that I know that stocks the Cappuccino SC is FlavorJungle, it’s listed under the Flavor Express (SC) line.

The Ice Cream SSA as well as the Ice Cream Vanilla are well worth picking up.