The Modfather RDA

I am going to be doing a 30mm RDA shootout soon and the Modfather will be one of the ones I will be reviewing. I don’t want to give too much away but I have to talk about this Modfather right now.

It is a series deck. What does that even mean? In Woftam’s words, “The centre post doen’t make an electrical connection to the deck so the power flows through one coil then the other coil (you have to have both coils in for it to work).”

Ok, so why is this important?

First of all safety. I am running a SS staggered fused clapton dual coil build with 7 wraps each. It is @ 1.6 ohms. At 11 volts I am only drawing 6.88 amps!

Second of all battery life. Normally on a .3 ohm build at 6.2 volts I get about 8 hours of battery life. But I am drawing near 21 amps. With the Modfather I am currently going into my 13th hour of heavy use.

Lastly flavor. Intense! Crank up the volts, put in you ADV and you will notice a big difference.

So why is this important to you? The Modfather RDA is very difficult to get your hands on. They range in price from $65 to $80. I happen to know someone who has 5-6 of these on hand at $55. If you haven’t got one and interested in a very versatile and awesome RDA, contact the dude.

A few things to note on versatility.
It comes with a post that will allow you to run your coils parallel if high resistance and high volts isn’t your thing. It comes with a chuff cap with a gaping ass bore and a clear glass cap, also with a gaping ass bore and the glass allows you to see your coils and cotton.

This isn’t a sales pitch. Those of you that chase flavor, this is a solid piece of kit. It has thoroughly impressed me and I wanted to pass along my experience.


I’m looking forward to that my man :rofl:



Don’t do it too soon, I’m still waiting for mine to arrive and it will spoil the surprise :grin:

3 Likes Its official, I’m in love. :heart_eyes:
Dual parallel ss 24g/4mm id/5 wraps, .33ohms. So damn nice.


Yesterday I tinkered with mine. Threw a couple builds on it just as a test drive. I put my third build in this morning… 26/36 SS claptons. At first I used too much wire, not really taking into account the volts needed to drive it. That was dual coils, 10 wraps, 3.5mm ID and it came in at 1.17ohm! Clearly, one must rethink their building habits with this thing. I pulled the coils and removed 2 windings from each, which brought me down to 0.89 ohm. At 11 volts this thing is kicking serious ass. It’s not like a 0.2ohm build on a standard deck where you have in-your-face hot vape right away. On this build there is a noticeable ramp up, although it’s rather quick, but when it reaches temp in about 1.5 seconds, the vape is amazing. This build is only drawing 12.36 amps, but 136 watts.


Absolutely. This is gonna be able to let me build like I’ve wanted to build though. So pumped! I’m rocking my current set up a 150 watts right now and its f-ing #stellar!


Sure! I don’t mind elaborating at all. The wire came from Advanced Vape Supply. They are well known and reputable. The wire is 28g core x2 with wraps of 32g and 32g to bind.

Here is a pic of the wire coming off the spool.

I used a 3.5 mandrel for my ID.

I mounted this one quickly on a Wotofo Ice Cubed.

Keep in mind that I tweaked and spent a lot of time on the coils I mounted in the Modfather. They first started out at 1.3 ohms. I started pulsing them at 18 watts and worked and strummed till I got to 30 watts and was happy. The final results was 1.6 ohms.

I switch the Ice Cubed over to my Home Wrecker which I use to test my coils. I don’t own a 521 tab.

The single coil came out to .75 Doubled up would be 1.5 ohms. A tenth off of what I have in the Modfather but I worked those coils quite a bit. Here they are mounted in the RDA


Thanks! Every picture tells a story / (don’t it) :wink:

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My pics tell the world my desk stays in a mass clutter of disarray :joy::joy::joy:


Eh, what does that even mean? :thinking:


Dual SERIES!!! 22ga Ti, 8.5 wraps on 4mm ID. Measures 0.5Ohms on a DNA. Im running this build at 11V. It ramps instantly but tapers off as the Ti’s TCR increases the build resistance. It’s a very cool, dry vape.

I get ENORMOUS fluffy clouds and no spitting, even through the giant glass robot-dong cap. I dont like the non adjustable airflow on the glass…but the clouds are way beyond anything I’ve seen. I look forward to tinkering with airflow.

My Ally chucks about 0.3ml/cloud. This crazy thing eats nearly 1ml of juice per friggin cloud! Flavor is lacking for me right now. I need to play with airflow, but the hugeness of these clouds is fun!


I found that true on my first couple of builds. Good, not great. My current build is the best for flavor so far - claptons. I did find by raising my coils higher so that air hits them more on the bottom that improved the flavor substantially. Also I’m running airflow approx 1/3 open. I know there’s the best build for this and I’ll find mine. I think there are many possibilities here, but so far I’m loving it. And yes, drinky drinky my juice!


I have 5 of them, best RTA there is for me, wettist vape ever, person beside me can taste it.

Oh shoot, sorry Tin Man this is RDA, well I love it as well, have 3 of them.


Oh don’t be sorry. I have moved away from tanks and haven’t used one in several months. Your comment may get me to pull the trigger on one of the RTAs, and your comments and input is always appreciated!


Rod Stewart … was looking at the build photo, then after realizing that the center posts are neutral and that the coils are ramping up in series fashion got the picture. It meant something to moi…so that’s the story boss.

@Beaufort_Batches or anyone else that can answer.
Do you happen to have an Aromamizer Plus 30mm?
I’m wondering how the Modfather RTA and the Aromamizer Plus 30mm compare, especially as far as flavor is concerned?

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I have both the plus and the modfather rta - i love them both - the flavour is great in both but the modfather offers the bonus of a series deck which can be very useful if you have to keep your ohms up


Yeh the series deck is definitely a plus, so I guess you’re saying that there is not much difference flavor wise?

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Correct i find them pretty much on par on the same regulated mod but the modfather is much better on the pwm lipo

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Shit, I think you just cost me money!:grinning:
It’s the series deck for my Whiterose PWM that I was thinking of.