The Must Have Flavours (2017 Edition)

Okay so I am new here and new to vape, but before you think I am just asking what to get; I KNOW IT’S A MATTER OF TASTE, and everyone can like and dislike one or another.

The thing I am really looking to do here is to ask everyone the question: What Are YOUR Top 20/10/5 Flavours of 2017 and Overall.

Basically, the UNIQUE THOUGHT here is that since the engine is skewed by the fact that some companies were out before the others and then since then newcomers purchase what they see and hear about a lot, I, in turn, wanted to start a thread that we can do 2 times a year to let others know which flavours we really consider to be the top of the game of this particular time.

So try to throw in some that you feel is making a name for itself and obviously, some you believe has stood the test of time :stuck_out_tongue:

It will never hurt to have more Google searches come up with helpful threads and the more we share good finds and good ideas, the more the vaping community thrives I believe :smile:

Let’s keep this thread going for a few months hopefully and let’s do it again in the Winter, introduce to everyone some of your new Top finds and maybe realize better options are available some old ones in your stash or be introduced to new companies or old ones. Who knows :heart_eyes:


This is just a short list of some of my latest purchases that I found to be very good…

  • Lemon-Lime (CAP)
  • Frosting (Flavorah)
  • Green Apple (MF)
  • Butter Toffee SC (RF)
  • Graham Cracker SC (RF)
  • Cream Whipped (FA)
  • Cookie (Flavorah)
  • Molasses SC (RF)
  • Persimmon (Flavorah)
  • Premium French Vanilla SC (Real Flavors)
  • Lime (Inw) (or Flavorah but i find inw a little easier to work with it is strong but not as strong as flv)
  • Rhubarb (inw) for a tart rb or Real Flavors for a cooked type.
  • Rich Cinnamon (flavorah) super strong but awesome flavour 0.2% is great over that it will dominate a little.

I also really like all the flavours on @Pro_Vapes list but wont repeat them.


-Tangerine (Flavorah)
-Shisha Lemon (Inawera)
-Shisha Orange (Inawera)
-Sugar Cookie SC (Real Flavors)
-Blueberry (Medicine Flower)
-Pineapple SC (Real Flavors)
-Pink Guava (Flavorah)

At the moment, I am looking for a good Marshmallow. I am looking for the kind that would go well in a s’mores. I am currently in between Real Flavors SC, Flavorah, and a couple others. I have tried LA, FA, and CAP with no success.

Any leads?


See that’s really great! Because maybe folks don’t want to/can’t afford to mess around with new liquids that haven’t stood the test of time yet and they just want the stuff they know works. This gives people more options to maybe give new things a try that they were afraid to.


For most of 2017 I have been throughly enjoying the Real Flavors (SC) line


Yeah that’s actually super cool, because obviously if someone else mentioned your top 3 or something go ahead and repeat, but otherwise maybe try to add more options of ones you find truly amazing and mention the other person, so we know that you also back up his ideas.

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Daily bump

I’m in agreement with @Mark_Turner about the Real Flavors SC line.

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The whole line?

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The full line isn’t available over here but of the ones I’ve tried I’ve really liked. There was only a few disappointing flavours for me.


I only asked because of the way the OP worded the topic. This topic interest me very much as I’m also on the prowl for top flavor picks. I just don’t want to buy the whole line to figure out what is top of the line.


I am interested as well in knowing which of the RF SC are the stand out flavours because I can’t even find it online, so I was wanting my friend from the US who is coming to visit me to pick up a few of the things I can’t really find much of here outside of buying on International websites with high shipping costs lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not all that new, but I’ll give a shout-out to FLV Wild Melon :ok_hand:

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There are quite a few RF (SC) that are 5 star flavors.
I have rated them above @Forbitten_Rose.
One that I could most highly recommend would be Blueberry Lemonade Slushie (SC). This is the single best Standalone concentrate I have :bomb::fire::rescue_worker_helmet:

So I expect most people will say @DanG4623, you first.

My top 5, for no particular reason:

  • Capella Vanilla Custard v1
  • Capella Juicy Peach
  • Capella Sugar Cookie v1
  • FA Soho
  • Whatever is in that goddamn Sugar Rush that makes it like heroin
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Difficult one, but the first 5 that comes to mind is.

Sugar cookie V1 CAP
Vanilla Custard V1 CAP
Sweet Strawberry CAP
White Peach FA
Marshmallow FA


TPA Menthol
TPA Cinnamon Red Hots
TPA Apple Pie
CAP Sb Sweet
TPA Vanilla Swirl

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Sugar rush?

that looks like some flaves that would go well in a recipe lol , ive never figured out sugar cookie can you explain how you use it since it ine of your flaves , ive read the notes ive tried recipes , im starting to throw it in recipes for sweetness and fulness butt its almost like marshmallow in that way for me ty if possible