The NAUGHTY Plum Thread

I think for the most part this is very true. But all flavor companies have their strong and weak flavors. Of the MF flavors I’ve owned, the weaker ones for me are Strawberry, Red Apple and Honeydew. But none of them would I say would be truly weak at 1%…just slightly off top dead center.


I can’t tell you a good plum flavor, but I can tell you a really bad one. Inawera Plum, IMO, tastes like carrots boiled in dirty dishwater. If I were you, unless I got a really bad batch, I wouldn’t waste my time.


Damn, I just got a bottle of this. Couldn’t resist the sale (10ml for £1 at
Anyone got suggestion for turning dishwasher carrots into delicious violet plums?

(for the record, t-juice tangerine dream is a perfect rendition of dishwasher rinse aid)

Hey, taste is subjective right? It might taste like violet plums to you. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m definitely interested in the answer. :smiley:

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My very very first DIY juice was actually a Plum juice. I want to say I was cloning something or trying to replicate an accident I made when I first started out, haha. Anyways, it was a damn tasty recipe and one I cherished for a long time. The irony in all of this, is I have no idea where the hell my old notepad is :thinking:

Before I start digging through the ol’ vape drawers, I can tell you it had toasted marshmallow in it, black currant and a touch of fig. By all accounts, it is a Plum flavored juice. I just had to throw in some currant/fig to help beef up and mask the plum flavoring I used. So if you’re cool with all that, I will start a diggin!

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Let me guess, it had Taro, Yam, and takes a month to come through :slight_smile:
I did get a bottle of Taro because of you. Now Taro and Plum,

I am planning to try this one soon, as well, maybe tonight as a result of this thread.

Ha, no Taro in the plum juice :wink: This was long before I even had taro :slight_smile:

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I appreciate all the information on this, as I had thought there was NO way, I’d get any responses to my Plum Thread. Although, hehe, I thought because it was “naughty”, I thought @JoJo might come in and go, “Heeeeeyyyyyy, wait a minute, … what” ?

@DarthVapor I will NEVER admit to how many times I’ve done that.

Sadly I’ve never even tried a FIG flavor, is there one that is worth buying ?


Haven’t managed to tame FA Fig Fresh yet. Bloody thing turns floral on me from 2% and I can’t taste the fig.
Some people seem really happy with it ( and I have a whole 50mm of it because of FA UK offer too good to pass).

A fig/plum pairing sounds interesting, theoretically. Maybe something to bake them a bit?

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I think Inawera Plum is a great flavour, in darker tobacco mixes at the very low end 0.25-0.5%. Couldn’t use it as a standalone or in fruit mixes. But mixed with darker tobacco flavours like flue cured, perique virginia, and the like I find it adds a slightly sweet note and helps tone down the stronger notes for some of the darker tobacco flavours and can help bring these strong flavours together. I think Molasses can do a similar thing also, It is vile on its own, but in the right mix can work wonders.

I personally believe a lot of manufacturers use Plum or something very similiar in there rolling type flavoured dark tobaccos that you can buy, but have no proof of that.


I LOVE fig!! My first flavor, was FA’s Fig, which is great if mixed right! Slightly sweet, dark and not as much of an earthy quality like you’d get from others. I’m going to have to toot my own horn here and say if you want to try it, buy FA’s and give one of these a go!


Figasmic 2.Ohh

All I can say is, if you don’t like either of these, than you are probably going to not like fig juices. I have a ton of variations on the Figasm juices I have made, and they are always in my rotation. I was able to get @Dan_the_Man hooked on them, so if you want an unbiased opinion lol.

MF also has a fig flavor, which is very close to FA’s in my opinion. So save yourself the $ and just go with FA.

Now FLV has their version of Fig as well. “Fig” & “Sweet Fig”. This is an entirely different take on the fruit. I can’t speak to the sweet, since I only have the regular but it’s pretty damn good! To me it has this addicting earthy-cigar-esk quality to it and not so much on the fruity side. It’s the only flavor I have ever made a single flavor mix with and could vape all day long. A lot of different layers to it. I was actually able to get @Kinnikinnick to put down his NETs for a second and try it, just to see if it was only me that got that cigar-ishness flavor.

I’m not sure what your flavor profile preferences are, but if you like dark fruits, ie blueberry, currant, plum, etc. The fig goes great with all those and also helps round each other out, depending on what you’re doing.

Bringing this slight derail drift back around (hehe), I will look for that plum mix today and get back to ya! It’s actually been years since I have touched a plum flavor (I burnt myself out on it when I first started out), but I’ll see if I can find it for ya!

Also, @JoJo is 100% correct!! STAY AWAY from INW’s Plum!! Unless you are using it in a tobacco mix. I have heard it kinda works there, but I couldn’t tell ya


…for roach or rat killer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That stuff was truly awful!


I love fig fresh, but I don’t use it as a fig lol I mostly use it at 0.5% or 1% in peach heavy recipes, seems to add fullness and like a darker kind of sweetness to fruits that like that kind of thing. I would think it would go good in a plum recipe, but I have never tried plum ejuice so idk lol.


I don’t know how unbiased my opinion is, when it comes to DIY @DarthVapor is my hero. :star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :upside_down_face:

Seriously though, I LOVE the $#!% out of both of those fig recipes. I have a Squonker dedicated to it. If he ever finds that plum recipe, I may go ahead and give that a shot.


I see where you are coming from on a concentrate finger taste but mixed in the Maesil chai recipe, it is not bad. Hard to tell before a steep. Sour fruit taste for now.


I think I may have an unopened bottle of this…think it’s going to stay that way too.

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Try the Maesil cha I shared earlier if you have the flavours. Needs steeping but the snv was more than ok!