The new FDA regs has me really confused

Call me lazy i guess. I didnt read the whole ruling. i couldn’t really figure out how my mod is a tobacco product. Does this mean most vape shops will close in two years ? Should i stock up coils and gear ? I guess i could learn how to rebuild my coils . I am freaking out. Is there anything else we can do ? Vaping has changed my life in more ways than one. Thank God i make my own juice , but for those who dont, what do they do ? Sorry for the long vent session.

Pay attention to this thread, there is a lot of good solid information coming out about this topic.

FDA Deeming regulations are published

Joining the fight for advocacy is the only hope to save vaping as we know it today.


Ok thank you. I am still in shock that this reg even passed.

The regulations did not need a congressional vote they were made up by the FDA and published in the federal registry and that starts the clock ticking to become law. We now have until August 10 2016 to get Congress involved or it will become the new law.

Here is the shortest video I can find that helps explain this better. There are much better ones in my opinion but they are much longer than this one is.


The situation is explained by PBusardo and Dimitri quite well here;


Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for sharing this video.