The next great RTA and I can't find it!

I need help finding this, guys!!!
The Alleria RTA

This thing looks amazing!!!


Thank you, JoJo, BUT:
Transaction blocked! This user cannot accept funds at this time. Dammit!

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Bummer. That’s pretty much the only thing I could find. It’s at alibaba, but not sure how that would work.

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first time I tried, it failed…second time it went through!!!
Love me some JoJo!! Thanks sweetie!


Yay!! :smiley:


I’m not gonna say it. But she did it again :slight_smile:


I thought it looked pretty cool, UNTIL I saw a video on it. The way you fill it is one of the WORST I have ever seen. You take the top cap off, two little tiny holes with o-rings just loosely sitting in beveled holes, that come out and stick to your juice bottle when you fill it. The video isn’t the greatest, and there is no sound, but here’s a link…

The person doing the video never vaped it, which is probably a good thing considering their wicking technique. Jamming the cotton into the juice channels with a toothpick.

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I don’t think those O-Rings are a good idea either. But I have seen far worse filling designs. Have you ever filled a Goblin Mini? Now that is a pain. But I still love it. I might give this one a shot too.

And I am watching the wicking portion of the vid right now. Oh my that is never going to wick properly. They better take this vid down right now.


every tank has its quirks, i guess…i’ll figure this one out, like i do all the rest…thanks for the heads up, though!

True… I read somewhere that they sent (Alleria) picture of cad drawings to someone showing changes where the fill holes and posts on the deck were changed for a new version. New fill hole looks like Griffin, deck looks like a Velocity.

Here are the pics :slightly_smiling:

Here is a link to the forum post :

So, I hope they do make the changes, because I’d buy one then!

The top fill for the Subtank mini has those tiny little holes. If you have the thin tip bottles, it’s not so bad, you just have to fill slowly. The problem with that is it increases the likelihood that it’s gonna leak out of the air holes. Doable, but not awesome.

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any suggestions? i’m gonna guess: close AFC when filling and dont lay the tank on its side…

What wound up working the best for me was to close the airflow (and hold my fingers over the holes, since it didn’t close all the way), fill as quickly as I could without it going all over, screw the top down gently, turn it upside down to finish tightening down the top, then mount, open air, and vape while still kinda upside down to ‘dry out’ the coil before flipping it over again. LoL. Sounds complicated, but the whole thing only took a couple minutes. I’d sometimes get a few drips out of the top when I flipped it over, but overall, no major flooding as long as I wicked the RBA properly.

If you make sure your wick closes off the area between the juice ports and the airflow it’s not so much a problem. You have to create a vertical wall dividing the two. That is what I learned on the leakiest tank I ohm - the Advken Ohmega. Even this tank can be tamed into submission if wicked properly. So I have been using this technique on all of my tanks lately and it really helps. I will try to post up some picks this weekend if I remember.


the Mutation X rt-rta has a similar problem/solution:
i close off the airflow, then remove top cap exposing juice ports. quickly fill tank with juice using bottle with fine tip. then, quickly screw on top cap, open airflow and immediately vape, preventing juice from making its way into airflow. no leak.
AND, i wanna say: this mt-rta is probably my favorite tank to date. the flavor is just unbeatable.

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I’ve just started using the Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA, well worth a look if you want a velocity 2 post design with tank…to fill it you unscrew it whilst upside down, a bit annoying but better than the above from what I’ve seen

@Kaivalagi - Have you tried the Griffin? I love it, it’s a beast. Great velocity style deck, easy,simple top fill, zero issues. It did take me two tries to get the wicking right the first time, to not get leaking. The only time I get leaking now, is IF I forget to close the juice control when I fill it. Both great flavor, and lots of vapor(clouds).

I’m surprized know one has commented on the glass chimney. I read that glass does not heat up and it seems to be the case with my
DeadModz dripper that is entirely glass. It’s all one piece glass including the drip tip. Sooo a glass chimney — hm??? No shorts? That is a fabulous idea if that’s the case. Also, you can see your coil and vapor. I love it. If they truly did change the posts to 4 holes, that would be nice. The fill holes don’t look too bad, although I hate the rubber stopper on the TFV4. It always pops out on me and the hole is too small. I’d hate to think about messing with tiny O-rings. Well, I’d deal with all of it IF the flavor is good and there’s no leaking. Don’t you all hate leaking? I do. No matter what I do (close air holes) - (build with more or less cotton) - (switch to silica wick) - it seems nothing stops the leaking when I fill a tank. It happens on my Crown tanks, my TFV4 and on my Chulula. It’s a good think I make my own juice or there’d be a couple of bucks going down the side of my mod. And don’t you HATE to be sticky!

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Thanks for the heads up, looks just the ticket…I laugh seeing all those youtube reviewers with their hundreds of bits and pieces on shelves…that’ll be me soon lol