The Oxva Origin an 18650 Pod

Hey there my friends. It looks like I have to purchase my own stuff to review and this is the first.


So sorry about your dog. Been there and its rough. They are family.
Thanks for the review. :+1:t2:


@Dan_the_Man, great as always, and if there’s anything I love, it’s a clean display.

The instructions did have me chuckling, just a bit.


Always enjoy the reviews Dan. Thanks for your thoughts. I just got the Smok RPM160. This is NOT an MTL device either (which suits me just fine BTW). If you get a chance, try one out.


Nice review Dan, always fun. Sorry about your dog, its never easy to lose a best mate. All the best. Xxx


Nice one Dan, I’m sorry about the dog, I know what it feels like, it’s part of the family!


Thank you, my friends, for your good wishes warm my heart. @SessionDrummer @brian41 @Iv3shf @Lostmarbles @anon36682625 I would have put an emoji in your comments but they don’t work for some reason.


You know Dan there is a way to take the pain away from your heart.


:star_struck: :dog:

I totally agree. I actually have a puppy that hasn’t been born yet so that will also give me a bit more time to “get over it”

How strange @brian41 I tried quoting you but it didn’t work. The response is to you.


Terribly sorry about your dog. I’ve lost a few four legged friends in my 57 years and it’s never easy, but the wonderful memories are always there.
I hope the pain subsides brother.


If you use the 1.o ohm coil and turn the coil airflow so it faces the battery door instead of the mod airflow holes it will give a pretty decent mouth to lung vape. I don’t know why they don’t ship it with 1 of the 1.0 ohm coils with the kit. Also the optional RBA is really pretty easy to coil and wick considering how little it is.


@layria First, let me welcome you to the community and Second, your right of course, and I just found out about the 1.0-ohm coils and the RBA head. I have both coming and will do an updated review. I agree with you 100% why not put a 1.0-ohm coil with the product? Hopefully, enough reviewers will complain about it and they will fix that problem.



I have been trying for a number of years to quit smoking, but was having a really hard time finding a device that worked for me. Most were way to open and all I did was cough and choke when I tried to use them, or they were terrible at delivering flavor and just couldn’t keep me happy enough to stay off the ciggys.

This little device changed all of that, I have not had a ciggy since the 2nd day I got my OXVA Origin in the mail. I use the 1 ohm coil and have the coil airflow barely open and turned to the inside and I get a nice semi loose MTL draw on it that works for me.

The other pod mod that I have found that works nicely for me is the Vaporesso PM 80 SE. On that one I use the 1.2 ohm coils and have the airflow inserts in on both sides, that works to give an even tighter MTL draw than the OXVA Origin. Only drawback with the PM 80 is that the RBA coil for it is terrible and a nightmare to build.

Both give excellent flavors on their respective coils and between them I think my 45 years of ciggys is finally over. So far I have managed to go 4 weeks without lighting one up and I am finding the urge to do so is really no longer there.

So you might ask what brings me to ELR ?? Having smoked menthol ciggys for so may years, I have found that I mainly like minty and fruity flavors for my e juice, but all the commercial juices I have tried so far are way, way, way to sweet and with the PMTA thing going on, I figured I had better learn to make my own juice that way I won’t be tempted to ever go back.


That is great that you found something that works. I hope you are able to quit for good too. It’s a wonderful thing. We will most definitely help you with your DIY adventure.

Some unasked for advice; Put all of your flavors into the database and open it to the public so that we can see what you have. Also, I will leave some links for you. I know it’s a pain in the arse to have to read a bunch of stuff but it really will help.

Here is a list of abbreviations of the flavor Brands. It is important to put your flavors into the database all proper like. If you have any questions concerning the adding of your flavors I am sure
@TorturedZen will be more than glad to help.

Brand Abbreviation List (in progress)

If you like mint I think you will like CultCumber by Inawera here is a video explaining the flavor. What I like the most is it can be used as a Single Flavor juice. It is that good.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget. If you need help come and ask anybody here can and will help.


Thank you, have already been reading through a lot of the information on the site.