The Pioneer4You IPV Mini II and Youde Goblin RTA, courtesy of!

What up vapefam!

Sirrisc back with another gear review courtesy of!
Today I will be looking at a perfect setup to leave the house with, the IPV Mini II paired with the UD Goblin.


Gearbest is an Asian based retailer which specialises in consumer electronics, gadgets and men’s fashion.
Sorry ladies, you have enough shops catering to your every whim. Gearbest is ours! (I’m playing, you know I love you all the same)
They’ve been expanding their vaping catalog lately and seem to be doing well in that regard.
They carry a lot of authentic gear at very fair prices, as well as cloned gear at even more fair prices.

They offer payments through Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and bank transfers, making them very available for everyone.
In regards of customer service, I personally have no complaints at all. They are friendly, and go out of their way to serve their customers though I have read a couple of negative reviews so far.
Unfortunately it does happen every now and then, and not just with Take the same caution as when you’d be using other Asian retailers.

I was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me for reviews, and gladly obliged to write for them.
They let me choose what I wanted to review, my choice was dispatched quickly and arrived after only 5 days!
5 days! That’s a lot faster than any of the other Asian retailers I’ve used so far, and I have to say I’m impressed by this.

Here’s what I got in the mail!

Pioneer4You IPV Mini II


  • Aluminium body
  • USB Charging port (0.5Ah)
  • OLED screen
  • 7W to 70W output
  • 3.6V to 8.5V output
  • Fires down to 0.2ohm
  • Single 18650 battery (not included)
  • Springloaded 510 connection
  • 5 preset memory function
  • USB charging cable included


The Pioneer4You IPV Mini II comes in a cardboard box, which depicts the mod and and the Pioneer4You logo.
On the side there is a colormarker, and another logo of the mod and its wattage.

The box slides open to the top, and reveals the mod and its accessories inside.

Inside of the box there is the mod itself of course, a user manual in the same paper as the box, an Asmodus warranty card, a standard microUSB charging cable, and a QC (Quality Control) card.

The user manual is easy to read, and contains most of the useful information you need to get the best out of your mod.

The mod itself comes in a plastic bag and the display has a foil over it to prevent scratching.

Unfortunately the foil doesn’t peel off easily, it’s a bit finnicky to grab.


The IPV Mini II utilizes the same body as the IPV Mini, meaning it’s basically the same mod with different internals.

The batterycover on the bottom is different, the 510 is now springloaded and the display has been blacked out.

Inside of the mod the battery is kept in place with a large brass plated spring, stopping any battery rattle.

On the side of the mod it sports a special logo depicting a goat, referencing the Chinese year of the Goat.

An original way to let you know where the mod comes from, and it definitely doesn’t look bad.
The bottom battery cap is silver colored and comes with a laser etched serial number, and 6 vent holes to keep the battery cool.


Despite running on a single battery, the IPV Mini II can fire down to 0.2ohm, which is rather low and will tax the battery fairly hard.
I’d definitely advise on using a good battery in this that can hold a 20A load, something like a Sony VTC4 or a Samsung 25R will be safe and perform great.
The power is immediate after the firebutton is pushed, and it feels like it reaches it’s intended power too.
Unfortunately I didn’t have the tools to measure this but then again, I’m not Phil Busardo and I just report on my findings in these reviews. :wink:
The mod feels sturdy, and fairly heavy for a single battery mod really. It’s easily pocketable despite this, I’ve been using it mainly as my vape when I’m out and about.
The batterylife isn’t great if you use it at 70W, which is the full power, but it lasts me about a day and a half with the Goblin on it at 25W.
If you’re chainvaping at lower wattages I’d advise you to bring an extra battery or at least have the USB charging cable with you (if you have a USB to plug in).

Pros and cons


  • Easily pocketed
  • Great shape, feels easy to hold and fits my palm perfectly
  • The black mod comes with a black display
  • Great buttons, very soft to the touch
  • Memory function, remembers 5 wattage settings
  • Springloaded 510
  • USB charging
  • Passthrough vaping
  • Solid threading


  • The display dims too much, making it hard to read
  • Batterylife at high power is rather short (even with a 2500mAh)
  • Screws on the side could have been black or covered up
  • The finish is very prone to scratching
  • The logo fades fairly quickly
  • Glossy finish makes the mod slippery if you’re not careful
  • Attracts fingerprints like crazy, might be better to wrap it

You can order the IPV Mini II from Gearbest here.
And Gearbest was kind enough to give me a coupon for you! Use “IPVMINIV2” without the quotes in your basket for an extra discount!

Youde Goblin RTA


  • Stainless Steel
  • Very thick pyrex/glass tank (3ml and 4.2ml tank included)
  • Double 3mm airflow holes
  • Copper 510 connection
  • Laser etched logo in the chimney
  • 3 post design, 4 wireholes
  • Dual coil design
  • Bottom fill screw
  • Can take high VG liquids


From the start, this product is impressive. The packaging is an obsidian grey cardboard with the Youde logo shining bright and a window that shows the tank.

Pardon the dirt on the window on the photos, there was a label there which didn’t come off easily and left some traces of glue.
The box also shows the link to the makers website and it says it’s a rebuildable atomizer. (As if we didn’t know)
On the bottom there’s a QR code which links to the contact page of the website, and a scratch-and-check to see if you got the real deal. Just FYI, mine checked out from the first try.

On the back the box has a bit of branding by Youde which also states that their products are CE and RoHs certified and ensure the highest quality.

The box then slides out to the right, and reveals the innards with two flaps.

Under the front part resides the tank and some additional specifications about the Goblin.

The tank is held in place quite nicely, which is why Youde decided it needed a ribbon to pull it out.

When you pull the ribbon, the tank pivots and the top comes out of the box making it easy to grab.

The bottom part contains another compartiment, holding a larger tank section, a larger chimney section, a tiny black screwdriver (another one for the collection!), some (black) spare o-rings, a spare screw and two prebuilt coils with silica.

On top of the compartiment lies the user manual, which looks pretty with the whole swirly thing.

It’s easy to read and comes with all the needed info, even on how to build and wick your coils! Very nice!

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a driptip so make sure you have a good driptip available for this one.
I personally prefer stainless steel or aluminium driptips but POM, delrin or glass driptips would work great too.


Here’s where the Goblin shines, the performance of this RTA is great all around.
Not only in the “clouds bro” way but the flavor is also amazing, I’d dare say it almost gives me the same flavor as a dripper. It’s also very close in regards of airflow because of the large holes on the bottom edge.

It does have a few quirks though, it’s not perfect but it comes close.
One of the quirks I’ve found is the threading on the chimney is a little rough, and the larger chimney (for the 4.2ml tank) doesn’t fit 100%.
There’s also the loss of flavor when you use the large tank, which is probably because of the longer chimney.

The bottom filling screw also tends to wear a little and start to leak after a while, especially with thinner liquids (below 70VG).

I’ve solved this myself by wrapping the head of the screw with a bit of teflontape, effectively creating an o-ring for the head.
Other than those little faults, it works perfectly.
The tanks are in thick glass and very sturdy, the o-rings that hold the tank in place are very solid, the airflow is enormous.

There is however one very big fact you should know before you buy this one, it’s lovingly nicknamed “The Gobbler”.
It’s nicknamed that way because it drinks juice like a black hole sucks in matter, I went through 3ml in half an hour when chainvaping at 25W.


The tank itself is well machined, but has rough threads on the chimney which is something I didn’t like about it. Threading should be smooth and not need effort.
The chimney is laser etched with the Goblin logo which shows in the tank when you fill it. It’s subtle but a great addition to this tank.

With a proper stainless steel driptip or a glass driptip, it looks great on top of the IPV Mini II.


Building your coils on the deck isn’t hard, but it isn’t simple either.

The base is meant for dual coils and has 3 posts, with the positive post being a dual hole one.

If you stick to coils with an inner diameter of less than 2.5mm you shouldn’t have much trouble.
Anything above that becomes a problem because of the size of the chimney and will probably cause a short.
As for resistance, it takes anything you can throw at it. The first build I used on it was 0.7ohm and it worked great.
A couple of days later I built it to 0.4ohm and it still worked great, but it got hot quicker.
Personally I wouldn’t go much below that but it is an option if you don’t mind hot lips or use an insulating driptip (delrin for example).

Pros and cons


  • Looks great
  • Huuuuuge juicechannels
  • Spare o-rings
  • Crazy airflow
  • Takes anything up to 95% VG
  • Copper positive pin
  • Laser etched logo
  • Comes with a 3ml and 4.2ml tank
  • Amazing flavor
  • Big clouds


  • Threading on the chimney is a little rough
  • Small base to build on
  • Large chimney doesn’t fit 100%
  • Doesn’t come with a driptip
  • Gobbles juice faster than my DIY ages
  • Gets hot when you build below 0.4ohm
  • Bottom fill screw tends to leak

You can order the Goblin from Gearbest here.
And Gearbest was kind enough to give me a coupon for you! Use “Goblin” without the quotes in your basket for an extra discount!

In conclusion

Pairing these two up was the best idea I’ve had for my vaping habits on the road.
They look like they were made for each other and deliver a great vape.

The batterylife in the IPV Mini II isn’t great at high wattages, but with the Goblin sitting at 25W it lasts me the entire day if I refill my tank a couple of times.

The Goblin performs almost like a dripper but without the danger of rear ending the car in front of me while dripping.


As always thank you all for reading my review, I do hope it’s helpful!
Last but definitely not least I’d like to thank for sending me this gear for review and their excellent communication and service!

#staycloudy !

SirRisc disappears in a champagne and pomegranate scented cloud of vapor


My experience with IPV mini is that it leaked through the 510 like crazy and juice was all over the PCB. Badly designed 510 connectors.
Otherwise it vaped ok.

Hmm, I haven’t noticed any problems with the 510 so far myself.
The threading seems to withstand some punishement, and the pin connects proper to anything I put on it (my Tobh clone is a notoriously hard one to get right).
Though I still am curious as to why they decided it was a good idea to use a screw instead of a regular pin.

I’ve just today started getting some seepage from the seam that runs down the length of my ipv mini took it apart wiped it clean and it’s back again??? Any thoughts??? Only w a tank that leaks from the bottom like my billow.

No idea, @quitter1. I reckon some of the juice might have seeped into the mod, like @flavorhound1 described.
Personally I haven’t had the Goblin leak into the IPV yet, but I reckon the seems on the IPV will let some juice through.

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I changed to my Goliath and no probs!!! Thanks for ur thoughts wasn’t sure if u might have heard or read anything that it was a big issue???

Right then, I couldn’t resist pulling the mod open to see where the leaking on the 510 may occur and found that the insulator around the pin is a bit… wonky.
I’m not even sure what kind of material it is but it feels brittle.
Definitely a design flaw there, but nothing that can’t be fixed if you’re a bit adventurous and don’t mind pulling apart the mod and 510. You should be able to replace it with a different insulator.

(Disclaimer: Doing so will void your warranty. I am NOT responsible for any damages resulting from this.)

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