The Raw Food World has some Medicine Flower Lotus for $11.99

Ya… Blueberry, Dark Chocolate, Peach and Caramel is $13.50 Wow! I’m getting a second bottle. I’m vaping the Caramel all day.
and now they have Lemon so I’m adding that to my collection. I wish they had watermelon. I still haven’t tried it. The Peach is really good.
If you join the monthly program for $19.99 you will get 30% off your order.
You get the benefits from the program immediately on that order and it pays for itself. I did! Now I can get that discount for a whole month.
I love the MF flavors. Nothing better.

If you use this link, I’ll get benefits.


Thanks put an order in for 4 flavours to the UK £52 shipped. Not sure how customs charges will add to the final cost if any? But shouldn’t work out more than buying from a UK supplier anyway hopefully, if there is any extra charges.

Last night when I posted this I was so tired and was having problems finalizing my order and getting the 30% off for signing up to the program they have there. It was $19.97 for a month and it paid for itself because I’d save way more than that getting 30% off a $130 order. That signs me up for one month and I’m hoping they will get some of the other flavors I want like Watermelon. I’m really enjoying the flavors. I’m not much of a recipe maker, but I’ve been adding them to my recipes and love it. I add the Green Apple to any apple mix, the Chocolate to Boston Cream Pie and the Butterscotch is lovely with a touch of FW Butterscotch and Banana with Vienna Cream. Man that’s a winner. I made some recipes using a scale for the first time last night. Now, I need to start posting some of these mixes i’m vaping. Now that I can be precise, I’ll do that I hope. I find that I like to keep single flavors mixed up and I add and mix that way. It’s a very non-precise way of doing things since I haven’t been precise on making the single flavors. Well, enough yacking.

The main reason for my return this morning is to say if I get any money from anyone using the link I posted, That is a different program than the other one you pay for and get 30% off extracts. It’s called an “Affiliate Program” and If you use the link, I will get 5% of the profits they make. I will donate it to the ELR site. My wishes always come true and just the other day I went to site owner’s Facebook page and noticed someone said they were going to donate to this site again. I thought " I’d like to do that". Now this is a way for me to do it. So… please if you order from TRFW, use the link. I will get 5% and donate it to ELR. In fact, I’ll check if I can make the money go directly to the site rather than being sent to me first.


That is very generous of you! I placed an order purchasing four bottles using your link hopefully it will work. Thanks again

It won’t cost me a thing. It’s a really good sale.
I like the Dark Chocolate and Butterscotch and the Blueberry is the first I’ve found that is good.
All of the flavors are excellent. Just make sure you mix at only about 1% and let them steep a couple of weeks for sure.

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It’s at The Raw Food World no coupon nessesary to get that price.
my post with the link is a benefit for ELR. Donation 5% to ELR if you use this link:
So if you are going to go and stock up, use this link please.
Check out info on Medicine Flower extracts if you haven’t tried them yet.
They are really good, organic, potent, real. I had to laugh when someone in the tasting notes said it’s like real. Well it is real. LOL

Hi Guys, I realize this is an older thread but I have been searching the net like crazy for MF flavor recipes and other than the Open Source Vapor recipe’s I have come up pretty empty handed. I have re-started vaping again after two years of being back on the analogs and I need some recipe’s that simply work, whilst learning to come up with my own.

Any help would be much appreciated. I have a lot of MF Flavors at home but would really love a Banana, Honey, Fig recipe and no, they do not all have to come in one recipe. Please help.


look at @Pro_Vapes recipes i believe he would have the most recipes that would include MF flaves


Thank you!

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Here’s 388 recipes with medicine flower flavors.

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Thank you for trying!! That is one of the first searches, that I tried too but it was impossible to narrow the search down to ONLY MF.

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Ahh, I didn’t realize you wanted only mf recipes. Good luck!

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