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The Recurve RDA from a dripping point of view


Next time… would be a shame to let a good coil go to waste. I’m sure you’re going to keep using it and try out different builds, and so will I.


If I am at home it is the only one I grab. If I am out and about and need to carry one in my shirt pocket for convenience I use my other inbox with a Sentinel RDA. The flavor and vapor production are not as good but the thing is virtually leak proof.


Great review, cheers :+1:


nice review man, right at the top of my list this one, and your review was excellent, thanks for sharing it and taking the time to do it :+1:


@Steampugs @anon45050679 Thanks, it was all my pleasure :slight_smile:


Awesome review … very thorough and lots of pics! I’m digging it… great job .
I like the rda too. Glad this one made the review q.
I like you throwed it on the target vtc75… mods that us everyday vaper has in arsenal… and showed it on other mods as well.
Awesome review… ty health cabin for shipping this out


Thanks @Suomynona, great review !!!


I’ve been playing a little more with round wire builds in SS … and I think I’ve nearly ruined my build deck :sob:
I had a bad connection, no atomizer found, jumping resistance… so I tightened the grub screws a little bit until I found some resistance. Happy camper again because my wire made a connection.

When I removed the coil to try a different build, I saw this:

The deck is supposed to be stainless steel, but compared to the SS from my wire, it is soft as butter. Be careful if you’re using SS round wire…


Oooh that’s some bullshit right there!
There’s no way it should be doing that!

I’ll be glued for further details.

(Regardless, I’d be dropping a note to the supplier for their thoughts/suggestions/explanations…)


That is all I use normally so I will be looking next time I do a build.

From the picture it looks like only the negative side holes are damaged. Any clue why?

Also I would have to assume you have been using coils wrapped both clockwise and counter clockwise since both holes are damaged.

I have only used mine in TC mode and good conductivity is a must for that. I have not noticed anything strange going on yet.

I will pull my build later today and see what it looks like.


Yes, it only happened on the negative post and I have indeed used coils wrapped in both directions but I only noticed it after the 2nd time because the coil didn’t come out easily and I tried to see where it got stuck. This photo is larger than the build deck and without good lighting it’s not as obvious what happened.
I can only assume that the metals from the main deck and the positive post are of a different alloys.
It’s a real shame. I definitely won’t be using regular round wire in this rda anymore.

I contacted support@wotofo.com, waiting to see what they have to say…


I agree it is sad that this happened. I was just getting ready to pull my fused Clapton out to look. Glad you replied when you did. I did look at mine under magnification and I see no signs of this issue at all. I did 3 round wire builds at first and then went to the fused Clapton build. I guess I will keep the build I have now and wait to see what Wotofo has to say about this. Hopefully they actually answer you in a timely manner.

Thanks for posting about this issue.


I can just see the comments when I do my review of the famous recurve. Y’all are gonna be so mad at me.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and no one will read it, since there are so many reviews already.


Whatever you write… it’s nothing to be mad about. It’s good to see differences of opinions.
I’ve read people complaining about it non-stop too :smiley: Just not my opinion, I really like this RDA, even without a squonk mod.

The very first time I saw it, I said I wouldn’t get it just because I don’t have a squonk mod … and then HC decided to send me not one but 2. I’m really glad though, I haven’t touched my other RDAs since.


I agree whatever you write should be taken as your personal experience and your preferred way to vape. If we were all the same the vape market would be rather small and the world would kind of be a very dull place to live.

I say tell it like you see it Brother @Dan_the_Man


Extremely thorough review :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
I plan to buy something like this but I want to wait till I can afford it.
It’s always a good idea to have money before you buy something :smile:


Thank you.
It’s sitting in the £25/$30 bracket, so it’s not like you have to sell a kidney for it. But I get it, if you’re low on cash it’s still adding up on the bills, even at these prices.
Check out HealthCabin’s promotions that start tomorrow, maybe you can have a good deal.


@Sprkslfly @wvsanta (and everyone else who’s still tuned in)
Absolutely great customer support from Wotofo. I linked them this thread, they asked for the security code on box to check if it was a genuine product and without a long questionnaire or sending anything back to them, they’re going to send me a new build deck.

Even though they did not give a reason for why this happened, I think it’s pretty obvious and IMO a flaw in the design, i.e. the use of incorrect material for the build deck: SS 304.
This is not a problem specific to the Recurve RDA but you’ll see that a lot of atomizers are made from this material. People who vape SS are usually going to grab SS 316L, marine grade SS, which is quite a bit harder than the deck. If you’re going to press a hard material in a soft material, the softer will always give way.

So is this user error or a problem in the design? I’d argue the latter because the designers should know that these harder wires are mainly used by SS vapers. If you tighten a coil too hard, you’d want the wire to break, not your RDA.

In any case, big thumbs up for Wotofo support for immediately offering to send me a new build deck. I’ve heard countless terrible stories about Chinese customer support but I can’t fault them and I’ll be confident buying from them in the future.


I’m not sure what grade the metal is on the deck, nor will I try and guess… But I agree with your thoughts about the base material should obviously be harder than the material expected to be used in it! :wink:

My first thought was “was the deck milled too far down?”, so that it actually encroached into the area reserved for the reinforcement of the grub screw walls? Or…
"Were the grub screws drilled and tapped higher than they should have been?"and thus the walls were thinner than expected/designed to be.

Being “hot off the presses”, I can see how it could slip through. But, if it’s a larger mistake, and they actually used the wrong metal, then that would really be unfortunate!!

Either way, I’m thrilled to hear that Wotofo took care of things, and are making it right! :thumbsup:

Thanks for both updating us with the problem, and the outcome!!


It is somewhat of an assumption that I say it’s SS 304. I haven’t seen the exact specs on the Wotofo website, but there are a couple other websites that mention it.

For other RDAs from Wotofo, they do mention it is made from SS304 so I think it’s a more unlikely to assume this RDA is made from a different metal. But like you say, it remains an assumption :wink: