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The Recurve RDA from a dripping point of view


Wow. Very cool news!!
I’m impressed!


Great to hear! Wotofo really gained some point with CS like that. Thanks for the update @Suomynona and @AJ17


Excellent review and very detailed. After reading through this I think I’ll give it a bit more time than the 30 minutes I’ve invested so far.


As you know from my vape-mail I got one of these 2 days ago, I just re-read your review and I agree with everything you said. I am really enjoying this RDA! I still haven’t tried the supplied coils, just my own SS Claptons. The flavor is a large step forward from all my tanks, especially right after a fresh dripping. I’ll still use my tanks when I’m out and about but for at the house I’ll be dripping :smile:
I’ll have to keep an eye out for the deformation at the posts, and I need a little more practice wicking.
Thanks again for writing this review.


If you only get a lot of flavor after a fresh drip, maybe you’re packing your wick too tightly… try using a little bit less cotton and see how that goes


Yes, I did notice it just takes a little cotton to wick a 3.5mm ID coil, I think the juice well is so small It just runs dry after 3 puffs, It tastes great for those 3 puffs though, then the flavor starts diminishing.
I’ll play with it more though :smile:


Personally I stick to 3mm coils. I’ve noticed, for the way I vape at least, that the cotton collects the juice in the center of the wick and not as much on the outside. So you’re going to get that kind of muted flavor when you notice your wick is becoming dry.
At least, with RDA’s I have that issue. RTA’s with a constant and supply of juice don’t have that issue. 3mm for RDAs is just the sweet spot for me.


Yes big difference, I cut a +/- 3mm wide strip off a cotton pad and cut the tails shorter. So that made a big difference on flavor between dripping, better wicking and less cotton in the little juice well. I also just noticed one of the O-rings was missing, maybe that little leak onto the top of the mod I was getting might stop with both seals in place :smile:


You forgot to install an O-Ring…

I did not notice it was missing until after 2 days use, I thought it just leaked that much!


Are you sure it’s not still in the packaging? I’ve heard a lot of reviewers complain that the packaging is too tight, you could rip an o-ring off just by pulling it out of its box.


Same problem here, leaky from the screws.

Loose cotton = lava spitback even with a low coil.

Would work well on a squonker I reckon


Can’t say I’ve had that issue, but I’d try the spare grub screws and if they don’t work, contact wotofo support. They might send you a new deck if you provide some clear photos that show what the problem is.

I can’t say I have much spitback unless I overdrip. You always need enough wick to cover bottom and top of the inner coil, but stuffing it too much will hamper wicking and mute your juice in my experience.


@Suomynona I did find the missing ring loose in the box, I’m just amazed it took me 2 days to notice it was even missing!
@anon45050679 Don’t give up on it, the forecast for my living room is MOSTLY CLOUDY :slight_smile: They give you a huge bunch of cotton, but what I am using now is working great, just a narrow strip off a cotton pad. It has to slide with little resistance in the coil. The wick ends have to be short so they just touch the bottom of the well. Once wicked right it works very well, I’m hooked, although a tank is much more convenient.


Thank you very much for your thorough review,much appreciated.
I think I will hold back from getting this RDA for a while now as I was sorely tempted before. I would be using it on a single battery squonk mod and I would need to mostly use round wire builds to preserve battery life especially as I often chain vape. I have got the Vandy Vape Beserker coming for a Christmas present and I think that will suit my needs better as I can use it at lower wattage and still get great flavour. I am still interested to hear of any developments with the Recurve though. Thanks again to everyone that gave input on this device.


You can use simple round wire builds in it. I had a problem with 1 of the 2 decks I had, Wotofo sent me a replacement which is still working fine.
I would still recommend this RDA but there are others that perform just as good.


Thanks for letting me know about the round wire mate. I would probably use Ni80 or Kanthal as this keeps the ohms a bit higher than SS so I don’t need to use so much power. I’m terrible for chain vaping and when using a fancy coil in a single battery mod before I know its almost depleted. Now I know I don’t have to use fancy coils I might just get one if the flavour is still good.