The Reuleaux is getting Wood

The Wismec is already a beautiful piece. But WUD is about to make it look so much better! At least I hope they do. The skins aren’t available yet but soon. I’m hoping these photos are not exactly the finished product because I can’t see getting the veneer that would leave parts still visible as in the photos. But I’m hoping that the pics are just early workups and the finished product is more refined. Because that section above the fire button and around the micro usb are kinda deal breakers for me.

See these and other real wood mod skins here.


the WUD looks awesome but my main gripe with this mod is the weight. I understand the battery life is good but requires 3 18650 batteries (causing it to be too heavy) and awkward in my pocket.

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UK-based ZapWrapz has some nice wraps too :smile:

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I hear that all the time, but the difference between the Efusion and Reuleaux is 3oz. I was actually quite stunned at how light the Efusion felt. But when I use the Reuleax and I notice the difference in weight, I still don’t think it feels heavy. Lucky me I guess. If it weighed 2 lbs I might think it was heavy then, but at 11.21 oz not really. And yeah I agree, it’s not a pocket mod.

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