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The rise and rise and rise of PG


As most of you probably know, some people are sensitive to PG in their vape. Sometimes it’s a true allegy, somertimes it’s "just “” an intolerance, sometimes you might not know either way ; so I’m using “sensitivity” to cover all cases.

In my case (which is not unusual, as PG-sensitivities go) the PG has the effect of triggering an asthma attack. Not something to be taken lightly.

You might also know that nobody is born with an allegy. Allergies arise following a (highly variable) sensitisation period. You won’t have a reaction to your first exposure,; you might have one to your second exposure…and so on. I hear that latex allergy is especially common amongst surgeons, cos they get more exposure to latex gloves than almost everybody else.

It follows that PG allergy is going to be on the rise, doesn’t it ? especially amonst vapers.

And yet , it seems to me that Big Pharma and a few other industries, hand-in-hand with the freaking FDA , have an agenda to ensure that PG is eventually included on the ingredient list of every damned product on earth. I first noticed this trend a good few years ago. I have a number of sebnsitivities, so i’m always reading labels, and I’ve often noticed when VG suddenly gets dropped from some food or medicine in favour of PG. And not just in one brand; it tends to be all avaIlable brands simultaneously. So much for consumer choice.

The really annoying thing was when they started putting PG in my asthma inhaler! This made the thing worse-than-useless. (Thankfully, my GP is now allowed to prescribe me Ventolin, which doesn’t contain PG. At the time, this was off the prescribable list, and I just had to do without for a few years)

The second most annoying thing was when then they started putting PG in my antihistamine syrup (Yep, that stuff you take to stop an allegic reaction. I use the kiddies’ syprup, because the tablets all contain maize starch- the slightest trace of which can make me very ill). I hunted and hunted for an alternative, but this was one of those things where all the brands changed ingredients at the same time, so far as i could tell) . So i cautiously tried some. and -thank goodness!- PG does not affect my gut the same way it affects my lungs! What’s more, my lungs don’t seem to notice if it sneaks into my body via that route. phew! I wouldn’t be sure it works the same for everybody though. (indeed, if I eat certain proteins , they trigger an asthma attack , a few hours later, once they’ve found their way into my bloodstream. But not PG! ) I call that a very lucky escape.

And now here’sanother really annoying thing

If i read the info in that thread aright , it seems that the latest regs from the FDA mean that PG must be included in food flavourings sold direct to the consumer?

It also seems they’ve kindly made an exception for vape juice flavourings; but since most of our flavours were developed as food flavours that’s unlikely to make a real difference to what’s available to us. I mean, where the food flavouring goes, vape flavouring is bound to follow.

It’s already become more difficult to get hold of RF’s non-PG flavourings. Where the f**** does this end? Is there a PG-lake that needs shifting? or what? or is this part of some sort of sneaky euthanasia propram? to get rid of the pesky allergy sufferers once and for all? by ensuring that people can’t avoid being triggered,

Yeah, yeah, i know that PG-sensitivity is a minority issue, and that USA authorities are not inclined to give a damn about miniority issues, usually. But, well, the rest of you guys better hope it stays that way.

sigh this is one of those times when I’m so very glad to be nearer the end of my life than the beginning. I am sick of reading labels, sick of having the rug pulled out from under my feet, and sick, most of all, of cynical regulatory bodies who don’t actually give a damn.


I think the change is more about the strength than the carrier - yes it does suck but manufacturing flavours with VG is apparently a lot harder than with PG. SC will still be available as i understand it through resellers but to avoid these stupid nanny state regs RF decided to become just a wholesaler rather than a retailer & wholesaler. Apparently the 16oz is the border between retail and wholesale.

Wonder Flavours do the same if you were to buy direct from them. They do however offer 1 oz as a sample packs to get around this crap. I would love to see RF take the same approach at some stage.

The msds sheets make no mention of PG they can be found here but based on the website description they do have PG.

The collections page is here

They are a very responsive company so you can perhaps find out the PG situation if you don’t already know it.

I meandered a little from RF to WF sorry for that


I can feel your pain. I’m allergic to coconut. I always love that products “may substitute coconut oil” for their regular oil choice.


@jay210 :smirk: I’m trying to be sensitive to your sensitivities, but I guess it’s pretty simple. PG is a Petroleum-based product. This falls under the similar corporate push for us to all switch to Canola oil, which was genetically modified to reduce it toxicity (caused brain damage in fetal cows whose Mommy cows ate out in the field [Rapeseed was a weed]). That modification lowered that toxin to a level where it was safe® for adults to consume but it is still banned in Baby Formula (Ooops? …still a little toxic?)

Rapeseed (Canola) is the easiest to extract (the oil), making it very profitable. The Gene-Mod also bumped up the Omega-3 oil% so now it’s sold as “Heart-Healthy”. If you drive through France you will see miles and miles of the yellow flowered Rapeseed …but mostly used for Biofuel. It’s easy to see that $$$ drives this VG -> PG swap …and a shiiteton of other Policy decisions which don’t take your sensitivity (or anyone’s) into consideration one iota.


I had a friend that developed an allergy to either hops or barley. He had to give up beer!!! Now that’s a tough one.