The Shredder Wicking Method.. getting better flavor from cotton pads

i posted the Shredder wicking method few days ago in another thread, and there was some interest to see a pictorial, so here we go.

I started using this method few weeks ago and it works well for me. i was thinking how can i create air channels in the wick inside the coil and ensure it’s not “blocked”, and thought of cutting the wick first to small strips instead of wicking with simple “roll”. i think this method enables the wick to “breathe” better and soak faster… results improved flavor and dense® vape. and yeah, it needs a bit more patience but i find it worth it. **please try this new method, and enjoy it and share your feedback or variations**

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1 - here’s what we will use. let’s start from a full Muji pad - the blue line shows the direction of the threads

2 - i cut the cotton pad in half across the direction of the thread. i will need only one half, and it will be enough for many wicks as you’ll see

3 - i split the half-pad into 2 equal layers (sides), each will have one side “skin” , can remove the skin layer if you prefer. i leave it as it makes it easier to handle the strips later. so basically 1 pad produces 4 of these mini-pads

4 - take one of the mini-pads, and cut few thin/narrow cotton strips along the direction of the threads - i try to make them as close to 1mm as possible. i cut 5 or 6 strips, may end up using less

5 - now to wicking, and this is really the key step in this method - take 5 strips (for 2.5mmID i start with 5, for 3.0mm ID i usually use 6 strips), handle them carefully from one end only, we don’t want to collapse the strips and we need to keep them fluffy - roll one side to insert in the coil as usual … [important: when you insert the wick into the coil, do not “twist” the wick - we need to keep the band of strips straight as much as possible]

6 - This part is “business as usual” - the wick is ready, we dry-burn and clean the coil if needed, insert and adjust the wick as usual, cut the ends, fluff & trim the ends further if needed (i take away around 30% of each end), then cover/insert in the juice channel - really depends on which tank you’re wicking… then juice up the wick and you’re ready to vape
for illustration, i added photos of me wicking the Engine Nano and where i cut the ends, i ended up using 4 strips (i cut them thicker for the photos :slight_smile: )


Good job, I enjoy seeing how others are working their gear. :+1:


Will definitely give this method a try. I will have to skip the part where you cut the pad in half as my pads are not as wide as the ones you have.

Thanks for taking the time to post the guide with pictures.


That’s a great method, gives you the opportunity to add or take strips off according to what’s needed for the coil.
I sometimes get it wrong you know :wink:


I always get it wrong :rofl:. Will give this a go for sure (if I’m ever brave enough to attempt coils and wicking again :rofl:). Thanks @TheFlavorSeeker!


Thanks for the info, I will be putting it to use!


Very interesting idea, I’m going to have to try this out, and as @Josephine_van_Rijn said, the ability to ADD or SUBTRACT strips is a VERY interesting bonus.

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yeah, in fact i was wondering if we should start selling wicking cotton as pre-cut strips :slight_smile: ---- JK!

thanks everyone for your interest and replies… very encouraging… excited to hear from those who tried it if there’s improvement to your vaping experience with this method. and absolutely, when you try to wick and it’s too much, take away one (or half) a strip, let “the coil” decide how much it wants to take, then outside the coil, you can cut away one of the strips - say the one that goes into top of the coil - fluff the rest (keep enough so your tank won’t leak) - and wick away !


Excellent explanation, I like the ability to easily add or remove strips to tailor the wick diameter.


I tell ya…us vapers can be a creative, forward-thinking bunch. It’s too bad our politicians don’t have this mindset. Maybe if they vaped…?

Since I don’t have any jap cotton I’ll give this a try with my Cotton Bacon. I usually cut mine down into manageable strips anyways so it’s just a matter of re-sizing.

Thank you for sharing brother!


Roger that…


Finally I found a use for my cotton pads again lol thx a bunch for this idea! Awesome @TheFlavorSeeker


Thank you @TheFlavorSeeker
Simple and genious!
Nice method to get the exact size of the wick.
I’ll try it right now.


This is very good information, I am reading as much as I can about wicking at the moment! Thank you for the tag @SessionDrummer!!


very true ! the ability to adjust the amount of cotton here is a BONUS.

the real benefit is getting better flavor and denser vape by ensuring the wick can “breath better” inside the coil - it seems with non-compressed and non-collapsed strips inside the coil, we can get improved capillary action and faster juice absorbed into the coil.
i found i can chain vape this and it does go thru tanks faster compared to other wicking methods … more flavor, less cotton, happy days :slight_smile: … only on ELR


I don’t know, I’ve met some vapers who were dumber than the rear end of an ass. (Now where’s the donkey emoji when you need it) :grin:
I was actually temped to ask them to go back to smoking cause they’re giving us all a bad name.


So who’s compared this method to the Scottish Roll method?


Yeah, you have a point there. And what’s equally scary is some of 'em are over on the recipe side here.


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What’s a muji pad? Medical supplies?


A brand of cotton pad.