The strawberry in mech milk anyone know

the strawberry in mech milk anyone know

What does it taste like?
What’s the profile?
Link to the item?

There are a lot of strawberry flavours that could be used, if you give us more details we can give you some suggestions.

I guess this post is intended for some one who vaped it, I tried all tfa, cap, fw, jf, and fa, plus lorann if your out there and you know please let me know

It might be a combination of strawberries that combine to give an exact flavor. It could even have hints of other berries or a dash of lemon.

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If you are talking about Mech Sauce’s Mech Milk, somebody there once told me that they use predominantly TFA and Capella. So there’s a place to start, I wasn’t crazy about it when I had it it seemed to have a wet straw taste to me. but this was about a year ago.

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My guess is Strawberry Ripe then… :wink:

I was not crazy about the cream aspect of mech milk but the strawberry was desirable.

does any one know what the recipe or single flavor the represents the strawberry in mech milk, I love that strawberry flavor, just dont care for the cream profile in that juice

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What’s Mech Milk?
Is that the Company that was spamming all the FB Groups. Then banned from being spoken about in all of them?

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not sure about all that … r u saying that it was them,

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