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The Truth about vaping and Crooked Politicians, Epidemic, Popcorn Lung, Addiction, Metal Particulates, Vaping/Smoking Youth

He posted this video from somebody else Named Danielle Jones. I went to her channel to share the vid. It is well done and needs to be shared.


The difference between this video and the vape scare videos, is in the description. It actually contains sources so that (dis)believers can actually verify claims instead of ignorantly believing or dismissing what’s been said.

Great post :slight_smile:


Episode 2. The truth about nicotine!


Episode 1: why they hate vaping!


Another video very much worth watching…
Actual topic discussion starts about the 15m mark.

(editing this post to precede Raven-Knightly’s post below, as I don’t think the posting of propaganda photos etc are helpful in a thread that could be quite effectively used to disseminate information to the uninformed who are the ones who so desperately need to see this material! While they are humorous (in a sarcastic kind of way [which I ordinarily appreciate]), I just feel they distract from the larger and more important things that could be accomplished here by exercising judicious selection of submitted materials.)


Three excellent videos. Not only in content but in production as well. Good choice of duration. I am contrasting these to a Mike Vapes live video I saw last night. Granted, Mike was preaching to the choir, an entirely different audience, but he came across as two sheets to the wind with limited coherency. Definitely not something I would show to an audience I was trying to convince. Most productions from reviewers lack the decorum to go head to head with the published propaganda.


I know people who has never vape but smoked all there life and have got COPD long disease and popcorn lungs

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I was in the beginning stages of copd/emphysema when I moved to vaping. That has repaired itself and is no longer a concern. I’m sick right now and I can tell you although it’s a nasty bug the impact on my lungs/upper respiratory is much less than when I was smoking. The bug is beating the hell out of me everywhere else, but I can breath and my coughing is productive. I have many relatives that were taken out or partially taken out from smoking.


I’m glad you alot better now


That is a very substantive and informative video, Dan !

In China, Nicotine is controlled by The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) and The State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR). Here in the USA, somebody seems to secretly fawn for that bold/foxy “Vladimir look”. Be patriotic, support your local Oligarchy. They need your help now more than ever

Source: http://www.travel-images.com/pht/russia539.jpg

Source: https://st3.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/2143333608?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

Source: https://static.businessinsider.com/image/50b39ed4eab8ea4f6e00001a-400/image.jpg



The same here except since i switched to vaping I haven’t really been sixk


@Yahbah nice to meet you


Good video from Dimi and Phil.

1/4 of the way into it. Not sure if anyone mentions it. I agree the auhorites are just flat out lying and tring everything they can to cook-the-data. Another good example is all the states raising the age from 18 to 21.

So they can cook-the-numbers and now count adults aged 18-20 - as teens for their disinformation campaigns. - All I see is they are desperate to raise it to epidemic proportion levels of the population.



Gotta love those conflicting reports.


What a great post. This is beyond scandalous. I’m in the UK where, so far we have avoided this insanity. I just hope that it stays that way.


@Steve68 i 2nd that I’m in the uk also