The U.K. Need help with this petition only got until 29th April 2016

The UK Government and Parliament do not have the power to block EU laws on its own. It could however work with other countries to stop these laws. You might be interested in signing the following petition calling on the Prime Minister to encourage the EU to exempt the UK from the legislation:

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UK Government and Parliament

Too bad we can’t also sign it here as USA citizens.


Thanks for your support anyway. It’s a pitty that no one really seams to be bothered to stop these laws being inforced. I like. Make my own juice and don’t want the hassel of not being able to get nic liquid for my mixes, unless I buy it for. Abroad and hope it gets to me


Yes, I fully understand. I have friends and family in OZ [Australia] where it is illegal to buy/sell e-liquids in retail that contain nicotine. They have to import them. Here is the website they use, in case it is some help to someone :