The Zelos 2.0 For beginners and Advanced users alike


Thanks for the review… you have to give aspire credit where its due. They really know their market segment and have managed to create some great pieces of kit for that. My first one was the CE5-S, then Triton Mini, then Clieto & Atlantis Evo, then finally a different brand for a genuine sub-ohm RTA rebuild-able.

Also, thank god I’m not the only one who finds these boxes to be a real pita to open. They are so well designed and such close tolerances with smooth surfaces that they kinda create a vacuum as they open, which makes them hard to open. At least the boxes of old, for other things, were such sloppy fits that they opened easily.

Mind you, might just be a “grumpy old man” (of which I am officially one) age thing… as I also find moulded (vacu pack hot sealed) plastic packaging frustrating. Heck now even plastic food bags (such as on multi-pak cinnamon bagels) a real pita to open (they use a thicker plastic for that slightly under pressure “specially filled and sealed for a long life” puffyness(1); I’m not sure they use air inside, or at least that is the inference).

(1) Which just feels odd to me; because to me a “puffy” bag/container instinctively means the food has spoiled as normally food that has turned off-gasses and puffs up the container (such as a milk carton).


You are welcome, sir. I have a cousin that still vapes on his Triton mini.

I know. Crazy that I am complaining about how well the boxes are made but they really should have a cut-out or something.

Agreed. That is why I love my foodsaver.