There is a very awesome place i hang out a lot of very cool ppl there with a lot great information

I joined up over the last couple of days, but to be honest I find it a little clunky, not unlike Smok’s and Koopor’s forums, for lack of a better term.
It does however look to be very inviting and with a great member base.
I look forward to seeing this evolve and grow.

Well they have a place on there called the G spot. Its a place were we can go there live and just visit and talk about different things. Just what ever. And i would like to see if @daath see if we can get something like that on here. I know we have chat but a video chat.

We had a Google Hangout, but I’d like a more “informal” video chat…
The original URL for the hangout is on the resources page:

There is an irc channel for this forum. Just havnt had the time between work, mixing, and vaping.

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Oh ok. Was just thinking it would be cool to visit via video lol

I’m happy here.


Never said i wasn’t happy here

That wasn’t addressed to you brother. I was just talking to whoever would listen :slight_smile:

Im a member on Reddit and other forums…but between this and the eye candy(the new mods) on Instagram…thats all I really need!
Love love love this place!!!