Therion DNA75 C Another quick fix

That darn back battery! Took a Dremel and the smallest ball shaped grinding bit I had and ground off the ridge around the positive contact. Viola! Smooth battery transfer. Did not impact the structural integrity of either the positive contact or battery compartment.


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@SmilingOgre can you show the picture of battery?

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Pictures please. Im so tired of my Therion eating my wraps.

Ok, Will be kind of late this evening working late tonight, but I will get it posted.

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Ok, as promised:

Here is the tool

Here is the bit used

And, hope you can see it, here is the modification

As I hope you can see, there is a ridge around the positive terminal that extends beyond the terminal. I simply ground it down to where it was under the level of the terminal. No need to go all the way around the terminal. Just remove enough to slip your battery into place.

Now, I apologize if I am wasting your time with the following but according to some reviewers this ridge is reverse polarity protection. It keeps the negative end of a battery from touching the terminal. I have also heard some reviewers say that some of the DNA mods have reverse polarity protection. I haven’t tested any of that. I don’t know. But it is probably a good idea to watch your polarity close if you choose to perform this procedure.

Hope this helps.