TheVapeMall Flavors

Does anyone know what brands they use for their concentrates? I’ve seen “cap” written on some bottles but most others there isn’t a brand specified.


From what i’ve seen most of those flavors are Flavor West, i saw couple of Inaweras, Liquid Barn, some Mt Baker Vapor and many completely unknown flavors (not our usual DIY brands); didn’t see any Capella (not saying it’s not there).

What irritates me completely is that they are not transparent about what they are selling. Personally i’d never shop there and i’d advise you the same (if shopping flavors), because you have no idea at all what you’re buying (and you don’t know at what percentage that should be mixed or find any recipes to make something useful/tasty enough). Badly run business, they probably survive out of CBD/hardware, but most certainly not out of flavors. I’d suggest you find another store.


Thanks, that’s what I thought. Just generic flavors from the cheapest supplier they can find. I’ve been busy on Bull City setting up my list. Real name brands.


TFA, Cap, and FW for the most part.


While I get what you’re saying overall, I’d like to add that if you go into one of their retail stores, they’re also not trying to hide anything if you ask.
Granted, that’s referring to the folks who run the place, and not the hired help that like most places, is hit or miss. (Some of their team knew what was what, some didn’t. I’ve been in two of their stores maybe ten times over the last 6 years.)

If you don’t ask, you deserve to be locked in to a vendor IMO.

It’s when you ask, and they refuse to tell you, that the issue of ethics arises for me. If they are hell bent on not letting you know, that’s when I don’t give them my business. Big difference IMO.

I think it’s an absolutely wonderful service to provide for a brick and mortar to provide.
Their goal IMO isn’t to service established mixers, but to tempt (and guide) newish vapers into the hobby of mixing.

“Casual pickups” (new customers) from having an online presence is just a bonus.

It’s also a benefit to established mixers (who live in relative proximity) to be able to drop in, and pickup a flavor or two that gets you over a hump (read as: being in the middle of a mixing session, running lower on something than you thought you were, and being able to run down local and grab it).

I’d probably be on a similar ‘tear’ (rant) as you in most cases, but it’s different when you actually have had firsthand experience with them (on more than one occasion, but still not being “a regular”), and know what their outlook is.

They’re good folks IMO.

Besides which, once someone has toyed with the idea (having had the in store support to try mixing on their own), they’re naturally going to graduate to dealing with BCF, etc, because they’re going to land on a site like ELR sooner or later, thanks to the newfound hobby.

Hardly. And an unjust assumption.


Problem is ya don’t know what your getting, so mixing recipes gets so of weird and inconsistent.


All you should have to do is drop them a phone call (or email) and ask.

I can definitely understand what you mean though. New mixers rarely understand the difference (or even know that there ARE differences) between say: Cap caramel and TFA caramel.

But then again, being new to mixing, they’re not going to care either (that early in).
They’re just focused on “oh crap, I hope I can do this”.

It wasn’t until 4-6 months into mixing that I actually started to actively seek out, and compare the difference between identically named flavors (when I learned how big of a difference the brand could make).

So again, horses for courses.
They’re just offering the most common varieties of the most popular flavors with new vapers who want to try their hand at mixing. :wink: