Thickness ranking

Dont quite know how to phrase this but here is my question. I like creams as a 2 or 3rd layer in a mix. Love cheesecake. Not quite sold on custards. So whats the thickness ranking for mouth feel. I can see creams than custards than something like meringue than cheesecake than cakes cookies bread. I want to rank as a base to add fruits too. Tyia


This is difficult as different people will perceive flavors differently and it is different for each manufacturer. It boils down to the components the companies choose to use to make the flavors.

In the real world it would go something like, cakes (some cookies, usually dry tho), custards/cheesecake, creams and then marshmallows, meringues, and most fruits. Of course there are exceptions, some of the custard fruits such as Cherimoya, guanabana and even avocado.

And these are just my thoughts on it, someone else may think completely different. This would be made a lot easier if each company put out a component list for each flavor. There are certain chemicals that have this effect and they are easy to pick out by name.


I cannot comment on a ranking per se but as far as flavors that i use to thicken or add mouthfeel i use:
FA Whipped Cream
Ooo Fluffy Marshmallow
TFA Butter
LB Fresh cream
FLV Vanilla Pudding
FLV Cream
FLV Custard

Edit: forgot FW sweet cream i am new to this flavor but so far i am loving it as an accent flavor


I also can not rank but,
Whipped cream
Vanilla pudding
For bakery recipe mouthfeel/thickness *limited knowledge, my apologies
You mentioned fruits: cantaloupe is great to add creaminess.
Good luck!


For myself custards mouthfeel is too thick and cloying. Fresh cream FA + Vienna Cream FA 1:1 or cream HS + meringue 1:2 work well. Cream cheese icing LA + cream HS is nice for a sweeter note with a bit more body is lovely too.

I am never going to get used to putting flavor before brand.