Thinking of getting a new tank

So I’ve been doing a whole lot of reading on rta tanks and just can’t make up my mind.
I’m 1 month into the vaping world and currently have an RX200 with the Griffin 25 with top airflow ( keep it closed most the time).
Love the griffin. It’s easy to use with great flavor imo. But then again it’s the only tank I’ve tried so far.
Running it on .38ohm 30 - 34 watts

Would love to get some opinions on what tank to get next.

Some tanks that came to mind
Tf rdta
Herakles rta 2

Would love to see what you all would recommend.

1 and 3
2 of the best ever made. I have a little bit of experience, you could say…


You got that right!


Subtle… :smirk: lol

I have the Griffin but none of those other tanks. I had high expectations for the Griffin and I know a lot of people love it but I was never able to wick it properly (most likely just user error but damn, it shouldn’t be this difficult. I wanted a vape, not a new job…) It was always dry-hittin’ or leaking like piss out of a boot…

The good news is I decided on a different tank to try and couldn’t be more surprised by the ease of build and depth of flavor I get on the Aromamizer v2 RDTA 3ml. This short, fat bastard’s delicious! I know the 3ml is a capacity sacrifice but the shorter chimney gets me closer to the coils and flavor is intense.

My build:
Dual coil 3.0 inside diameter
SS316L 26AWG (Single wire)
7 wrap 0.26ohms
Running 60W in power mode


Ditto. Have a couple of each and love them both.


Took me a while to get a hang of the whole building and wicking. But turned out to be quite easy for me with the Griffin.
One thing that I was worried about was if the wicking on another tank would be harder.

Will have a look this tank though. Thanks

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Gotta ask:
What did you wick the Griffin with?

Just regular Koh Gen Do cotton… is that bad? I haven’t really explored much with different wicking materials. I use the same cotton in my Aromamizer, Tsunami and Avocado and they’re the hardest hitting tanks I have. It works flawlessly in everything else. I’m always up for learning though :smiley:

I do have to say that I have the aromamizer supreme. I do like the juice flow control. And flavor is good…but I find you have to put the exact right build and place your coils just right to get good flavor.

I may get one of the other tanks in the future to see if I am missing out. But so far…I like its build quality, easy wicking, and really the juice flow control.


Well, there are just more absorptive materials out there than just koh gen do. Brands would include kendo gold, fiber freaks and cotton bacon…and, of course, there’s rayon. I keep all of the above on hand so that I can always get the job done, no matter what. Just some ideas for you, brother. I have 2 grifins in my constant rotation and I use kendo gold in both with 3.5mm. ID.


I just use the Pima supreme cotton they have at eciggity. It’s been holding up so well I havnt felt the need to use anything else. It does require a few toots to break it in, but after that I abuse the heck out of it and it’s just fine. I normally need to switch coils or clean my ss316 coils before the cotton needs switching.


Wicking will prolly be the next obsession… I didn’t even know there was a Kendo Gold, on the “to do” list it goes :+1:

I was doing good with building my flavors and my mixes were getting stellar. Started back-stocking nic and thought I’d finally found the perfect gear set-up…
[IPV D2, Target tank with the Freemax Starre 0.25 SS DVC (prebuilt) coils]

I was very pleased with that rig… (still am, for a prebuilt set-up and I have over 100 coils stocked up…)

Then… The FDA decided to take a big, steaming shit on my happiness (I swear, they won’t let me enjoy anything)

So, I went all-in on RDA’s, RTA’s, RDTA’s and anything that was damn near indestructible that could last forever (maybe have to buy some o-rings). Since then, I’ve been a coil wrappin’, mad-man, hell-bent on perfecting a new rig that they’ll have to pry from my dead, cold, fingers… I’ve been testing kanthal, Ti and SS and trying to get tanks that simply can’t fail.

So far I’ve settled on the Tsunami w/SS coils as my “Hell or Highwater” RDA. That thing is a BEAST! I haven’t tried, but I would bet good money, I could skip that thing across a parking lot and into a river… Go pick it up, rinse it off, put a build in it and it’d vape like a champ :laughing:

Also wanted something with a bit more portability and a reserve tank so I wasn’t always dripping. I thought the Avocado would be a good choice (and it’s a great Genni tank) but there’s just waaaay too many damn parts to that thing that can get lost… Took it fully apart to wash and it fell into about 100 different pieces lol. This will not do.

Found the Aromamizer v2 and now all is right in the world once again…

Portable? yup

Indestructible? almost… the core is machined from a single piece of stainless steel. She is Beastly for a glass tank.

Breaks down into 6 robust pieces (minus the glass)

The glass is the Achilles heel of this tank but it is very short, limiting it’s risk of breaking and the air-flow-control-ring protrudes from the tank slightly which guards the glass incase I knock it over. All this considered, I still bought 8 spare glass tubes for it just in case.

I have since, accumulated 4 (of each) Tsunami and Aromamizer tanks :wink:
…and I’ll prolly grab a few more :laughing:

Moral of the story: There’s no way in hell that I’ll let them force me back to cigarettes :rage:

TLDR: I’m gonna go buy some cotton and start running trials lol

Sorry so long winded :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had the Aromamizer v1, loved it but didnt like the airflow being a rubber ring, as if it was a last minute afterthought before release constantly shifting off onto the glass in pocket and as result have smoked pocket lint by mistake. Ugh. Considered getting the v2, but wasnt a fan of refilling so often being so decided to give the Supreme a go 7ml version. Still awaiting my package but once it gets here I will be a kid on christmas over it and spending a lot of time experimenting builds in it. I am using a tfv4 with single coil rba with 22g Ti. 0.22 ohm 380F tc until the supreme arrives.


3 & 4
Boreas or the supreme. Both are awsome rta’s with great flavour and loads of room for builds. I love mine and if i lossed/smashed mine, i would reorder both immediately.
An honourable mention has to go to the aromamizer, especially the v2. Bulletproof that thing. Got 3 myself,2 in use 1 in my vape bunker.


I also like the Griffin, the 22mm is having an issue that the tank almost freely spins :cry:
If your looking at getting rid of it @Mofogger let me know if you’d like to sell it, I might be interested. I just use plain ol’ Koh gen do cotton with mine.

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i went through that obsessive stage…i simply had to master every and all wicking materials on every single RDA/RTA i owned. with my collection of various wicking materials and my skill set of each material, i feel i can tackle any tank that comes at me!


lemme know if you want me to send you some samples…so you know what you like and what you wanna order.

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To me, a lot of the issues with the Griffin were fixed with the 25mm version.

This is exactly what I’m aiming for :+1:

I believe I have a pretty good stock of tanks, mods and nic at this point. This FDA crap had pushed those items to the top of the list. I should have enough gear and nic to last me at least a decade so now I can get back to purchasing at leisure :sunglasses:

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I still love my good old Maganus tank with the 0.2 ohm coil in it.