This chocolate covered strawberry juice is 90% there... need help really making it pop!

So I pretty much get all my concentrates exclusively from TFA because I’m lazy and like to receive all my stuff in one large shipment all at once rather than have to do a dozen different orders from a dozen different companies, so all my concentrates are from them.

Okay, that being said, I’ve been tweaking this Chocolate Dipped Strawberry recipe for the past 6 hours and I just can’t seem to get it in that sweet spot where I’m actually willing to make 120ml bottles of it and vape it all day. It’s a… decent flavor… as it stands now, and I’ve even been looking at other chocolate covered strawberry recipes on the site to see how other people were mixing concentrates and which ones they were using.

Anyway, the recipe is right here (and while there feel free to check out and try any of the other ones on my profile I’ve got listed. I’m not a pro or anything, but I learned how to mix because a friend started a juice company from scratch here in Las Vegas and before he was doing national distribution and had a website and a lab of his own, it was me and him working out of his living room #nostalgia…)

So yeah, it’s definitely vape-able, there’s nothing really wrong with it, but there’s also nothing that’s giving it that final “oomph” it needs to really pop. Whether it was upping the strawberry concentrates or the chocolate or adding a drop or two of ethyl maltol to draw the berry flavors out into the foreground, it’s as if I have an entire stage full of backup dancers but there’s no headliner to carry to show. I’ve added some details in a comment on the recipe page itself, but ANY suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated~ Thanks in advance!


It’s all a game for sure. If you want to batch.

0.25% lemon Sicily in one

0.35% raspberry FA in another

0.3% orange FA in another

Another try adding some custard of your choice. Low percent depending on brand. Like 1% FA or 3-5% vanilla custard v2 cap or 2% v1 cap.


Add a drop of Pyure! :slight_smile:


I would cut the pie crust down to 1, make sure to use the cheesecake without the graham crust. Cut the double chocolate to about 5%, cut the TPA Strawberry down to 4 from 6. Add Capella Sweet Strawberry 4%, add TPA sour at 0.5% the sour will make the berry flavors pop.


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im with @GPC2012 cut those percentages down , and add a sweetener id go with a pyure /mm combo or erythritol those two are my sweeteners of choice but alot of people still do sucralose

btw how do you like tfa cheesecake ??? i just found an unopened bottle

TPA Cheesecake is great. TPA Cheesecake with Graham crust tastes like it has wet straw in it to me.

i like the cheesecake with graham obviuslybin small amounts mixed , when i first started diy i went through and grabbed anything cheesecake related and somehow forgot i had this one , i have around 180 flaves and forgwt about stuff all the time i cldnt imagine having anymore