This Forum is Strange (in a strange but good way)

Just finished reading someones post about something… and as always glanced down at the “related topics”. Normally they are fairly old topics and the one that caught my interest fit that bill. It was called “Fun Facts…” from a few months back. Just thought it was kinda strange how or why the forum picks some of the topics to display in the related arena like it does. Still it tends to make one go back and re-read older posts and comments.


Sometimes it’s good to ready something off the wall on the vaping community. It’s also fun to see how we all run in 20 different directions from time to time…mainly because many of us are excited to share our thoughts and opinions.

For me, it’s my hope I can help just one new person just like the way so many people hve helped me.


Chrispdx I find myself running around this site as something that I was not looking for pops up in the Suggested topics and now I’m reading that, its never ending.

As Arthur from Cabin Pressure would say: this site is Brilliant…

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