This is promising

koopor plus 200

if this is reviewed as good as the mini it’s gonna be a hit!!!


ELR - home of the Temptations! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing…I’m watching.

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One of my friends showed me a new mod as well. I’ll post the link in case someone is in the market. Hopefully my next check is even bigger than I think it is and I’ll be getting one.

DNA 200 chip and plug and play everything.

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Pre-order Authentic SMOKTech Koopor Plus 200W TC Variable Voltage APV Box Mod - Silver, 6~200W, 200~600’F / 100~315’C, 2 x 18650: $55.99

here it is… I think we here @ELR have a discount??

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I don’t think have a discount… Do we? :smiley: That one is kinda tempting!

I sent Gina a pm to ask for one I have a couple mini’s coming and if they are good then a definite… just hope they aren’t gonna give me the trouble that some are having with the xcube!!! it’s a smok Co.product…

39.99 USD on this preorder. I’m, sooooo tempted.

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