This is what we (in the US) have to look forward to

My mum recently started trying to switch. Me and my sis got her set up with some stuff, but she’s been having a bit of trouble. So, she started talking about wanting to try this all new “digital” cigarette that used cartridges instead of a tank. The only thing I could think of that she could be talking about was a cig-alike. I looked it up, and sure enough, here it is…the future of US vaping if the FDA has its say.

If RJ Reynolds manufactures it (Oh, I could go down a long road of conspiracy theory here) and are already a big payer to the FedGov, how simple is it then to roll that into the “sin tax” and then ipso facto, e cigarettes are tobacco products. Sinister bunch of horse sh*t if you ask me, but hey…cronyism is alive and well.

Let me also say that “OUR” future with e-cigs doesn’t have to be like that. Nicotine is the one thing we may have trouble getting should the big regs hit. Otherwise, devices can be marketed as anything. You could sell a 150watt mod with little things like flashlights that screw into a 510 connector…can’t call that an e cig. Tank and attys can be sold by parts. VG, PG and Flavoring unregulated. So tackle that nicotine supply source and there goes the so-called regulation. Then again, I have full faith in the vaping community. Someone will find a way for people to acquire nicotine legally if it’s purchase is only possible by licence, etc. We’ll be here long after their baccy coffers choke out.

I was thinking about that the other day. Why couldn’t you market and sell these as portable, personal fog machines, or like you said a flashlight or whatever. Duck the regs the way that “smoking accessories” do. Put a big fat label on it that says “For External Use Only” and wham-o. NOT a tobacco product, simply an electronic. Juice we can do ourselves. There are even some tutorials for doing nicotine extraction, though I don’t think I’d recommend it or try it.

Saying that is one thing. Getting a U.S. company to do it or getting it through customs? Maybe not so much.

Followed the link, stomach started burning, broke out in a cold sweat, heart rate tripled, and I’m now puking. I’ll be voting republican and anyone else who supports our cause.


Indoor has a fun review of it :smile:

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Egads…someone help us.

So Vuse claims that their cartridges contain chips. From their site:
“VUSE is also the only e-cigarette designed with a SmartMemory chip inside the cartridge. The Vapor Delivery Processor works with the SmartMemory to monitor and adjust the power and heat delivered to the cartridge up to 2,000 times a second, ensuring consistently satisfying puffs - A Perfect Puff, First Time, Every Time”

Eh? :confused:

Marketing drivel. IndoorSmokers mentions this - I think it’s just a regulated device. Oddly he was totally blown away by MigCigs cig-a-likes which is also a “digital” vape - in that it is a regulated device delivering 4.2v…

Yeah I rage every time I hear the commercial for these on the radio,

There are some very decent carto systems on the market, but I forgot who makes them. They can also be used with tanks (cartotanks).

I may be completely wrong, have no facts to back this up, BUT, I HAVE A FEELING that we will be able to buy nicotine as a consumer. I’m betting if needed places like wizards labs will be able to sell their product. May need FDA approval though. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

Keep in mind people, there’s still time to ween yourselves off nicotine 2mg per 100mls of juice. It’s easy that way. If you don’t need the nic you can tell them #$@$^&)^&& where to go. Now wouldn’t that be the bomb…

Yep. Getting off nicotine would be ideal I suppose. But, nicotine is just a chemical and its not like it is a narcotic or anything. Unless the FDA turns it into that. Right?

I have a feeling the dedicated “few” will find ways to get what they need no matter what. Always have. I just hate that it might come to that. This could be so helpful to so many people, but instead of genuinely trying to help make sure these are safe and good quality, they are crushing them. Greedy jerks.

Just thought of something. Now that pot is starting the be legal in some states, perhaps the drug dealers can start selling nicotine LOL

LOL that is probably what will happen. “Hey…you got some stuff for me?” “Yeah, man. $5 per mL of high quality 12mg pg. It’s legit.” :stuck_out_tongue: