This made me laugh. TF4V Micro

The tank on this made me laugh when I think how much juice the full size TF4V goes through. Even has a dual coil fused Clapton, dual coil stainless, and dual coil RBA offering. Neat looking kit if they get all the pieces working correctly. If.


I like the rba deck.

Oh cool. A dripper. LOL


Or if you use the included XL tank extender, you have a TF4V mini that can’t use the same coils as the mini…

The whole kit does everything the xCube mini plus TF4V mini can do with different coils and a LiPo cell. :confused:


I like the tank too. Thats a nice lil setup. If the mod has a different chip than the Smok chip, it would be a nice little starter kit. If it has some of Smok standard problems it will run a noob crazy.


Nice little tank

That was my first thought when I saw how little it was and already knowing how juice hungry the TF4V is. Some drippers would probably require filling less often.

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I have this little setup and honestly with only 2.5ml I find I’m not filling it as fast as my full size tfv4. That being said the coils are rated at much lower wattages and are smaller in size to so that could make a difference. I’m about to order some replacement coils from the only vendor I’ve found in the USA that is selling them. Still searching for the rba section as they are out of those at the moment. I think it’s a great on the go quick trip set up for sure.

I am sure the size of this tank is the reason for this tank not using the standard TFV4 coils. This makes sense to me. Now had they put the standard coils in this, that would have been pretty silly lol. Looks like a really nice starter kit!