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This recipe is a copy of: ...?!

Hey guys,

Earlier today I launched a small experiment. At the top of some recipes you might see the text “This recipe is a copy of: recipe name - this happens when the ingredients are the same in two recipes. The “original” is the oldest one.
An interesting side effect is that this means that some recipes, like Funfetti by Wayne, will say that it’s a copy of another one (Wayne uploaded it to ELR after). But in all it should give you a good indication.

I’ve toyed with the idea of hiding the actual duplicates and only leaving the original as public, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna do that. We’re talking about 5,500 duplicate public recipes.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy vaping!



I would be perfectly fine with the duplicates not showing. :+1:


Maybe a button option to show or hide the duplicates.


I’m thinking that this is your site and what you do here goes but it’s nice for you to ask our feelings of this matter. Myself, I don’t see duplicates to be anything other than excessive, repetitive and annoying. Wouldn’t original recipes be all that is necessary for public?


I think hiding the duplicates might trigger a different reaction, like people uploading the exact same recipe but with 0.5% more of one flavor for it “to be unique”.
Though I have to admit I have been annoyed by the many duplicates popping up when pressing the “what can I make” button. There’s only so much strawberry cheesecake I’m willing to vape…


Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I do kind of like the idea of being able to toggle it off/on. But it would also be great to be able to pull these dupes up on demand - in one list so they can be viewed.


ditch em bro


Does the Same ingredients but different %still = a different flavor profile?
or will it get included as a copy?

take a lot of sorting or some great sql programming. but keep the ones with the better recipe name! then I’m ok with it.:wink:

Happy to hide them, but personally I don’t see it as a big problem. it’s not a huge number in the grand scheme is it. What number has the same name too, is that possible, those you can get rid of without a doubt.

New features are always good. I would be interested in how this would affect the process if I uploaded first a recpie from someone else…then the creator uploaded after the fact.

Hey guys, is there a place where someone can submit a suggestion for the recipe calc?


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Hehehe I saw this earlier and thought it was pretty cool.

@SirRisc you make a good point, but, being the eternal optimist, I think the majority of the recipes are actually people who don’t really know any better. But, I could be way off base and they might really be “thunder stealers” who are trying to stroke their egos by trying to get lots of likes. I think it’s more likely they don’t realize that just because it’s a private recipe doesn’t mean they’re gonna lose it.

I think the dupes are annoying and it’d be nice to, if possible, have an option to hide them. That way, both camps are satisfied. Those who don’t want to see them can hide them, but it’s less likely (hopefully) to lead to people changing tiny things to get ‘their’ version to show up.

My 0.02 :wink:


Oh I could give you a big smooch for this…on the cheeky of course. I seen it and immediately smiled :smile: bigger than that icon of course. Thank you Or should I say Mange Tak :wink:

I’m A Ok w/ no more dups !


I honestly feel like if someone adapts a recipe, the adapted copy should be locked private unless they change the flavors or flavor percentages, and they should be required to change the name and remove the original notes to mark it public. It should still carry an adapted from flag.

In the case of recipes that actually have exactly the same ingredients that are put in manually, I’d say whoever puts it in first wins by default and all others get your copy flag, with some sort of dispute resolution wherein a person that posted a recipe on reddit and someone else copied it and input it here could reclaim their recipe. You’ll eventually see some inevitable 3.00% != 2.99% decimal manipulation to duck the duplicate flag just because.


No, a copy means the same ingredients at the same percentages :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in the OP, Wayne published Funfetti on ELR after someone else posted it from his site, so Wayne’s original is actually counted as a copy…

What CosmicTruth said, or send me a feedback on “My recipes/favorites” or even an email :slight_smile:

Valid points. I shall try to keep those in mind when/if I decide to modify that side of things…

Yep, I agree. The last cases should just be pointed out to me, and I will hide them :wink: hehe


I love this new feature on the recipes, I searched through all my adaptations and couldn’t see it, then I did a search for Unicorn Milk to see the feature after just a couple of clicks. :slight_smile:

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im puzzled about why some ppl are choosing making recipes public. I think we need a pop-up that asks “are you sure that you want this public”


@KristianDK you can keep your recipe private if you like. After you make your recipe there is a box, just under notes, that you can put a check in to keep it private. or leave it empty it to make it public

I know Dan. None of mine are public. I just see so many public recipes and I wonder why it was made public in the first place :confused:

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