This recipe is a copy of: ...?!

You bring up an interesting point @Sprkslfly.

This still has the potential for abuse, but what about a “Copy to My Recipes” button which would copy (and keep private permanently, no option for public) a recipe to your ‘box’. Then, adjust the “adapt this” so that if nothing is changed, it can’t be saved at all. People could still abuse the adapt this by adapting and changing a % or a flavor brand or whatever, but it may help curb some of the dupes if people have to actually work a little more to make that happen instead of just clicking “Adapt”, unchecking a box, and saving it.

Overall, I like this new feature. I like that I can see at a glance and follow the trail to an original.


This would totally float my boat - that way the true author name would be kept, instead of it saying I’ve made something when all I’ve done is change the nic ratio :+1:

p.s. I don’t publish anything yet because I’m still learning :blush:


Or in the same vane. How about a copy protect button. Which means that you now own that recipe (of course that recipe and the exact percentages) SO you make a recipe. You love it and like it, it must have been rated by another user at least say 3 times. Then you get a button to copy protect it. You then take ownership of that recipe. People can adapt but not save it with the same percentages. The system will say “Save to favourites?” and not let you adapt unless you change it.

Just throwin out ideas now.

The problem with just saving a recipe to favorites is if the person changes it or deletes it or makes it private, you’re up a creek unless you wrote it down somewhere else. Copying it to your own recipes ensures you’ll always have it, and I like that option.

Like @Lolly said, it would kinda be nice to have the ability to distinguish between recipes you created and ones that were simply copied from someone else. Some way to preserve the original author but still have your own copy. I usually adapt and just put the originators name in the title. Always keep private unless I’ve changed something and either it makes it a different recipe or I think others might get some use out of seeing how I’ve adapted something.


Sounds reasonable. I agree on not posting a copied recipe publicly unless a specific purpose as you said.

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That is something I have always wanted to be able to do. I never liked changing the amount to be made, then saving it, then it became MY recipe and all I did was change the amount to be made.
When I was still very new to the site, I saved a recipe (I didn’t know about favorites yet) and some one left a very nasty comment saying I was a thief and what not. Even though the person was a total jerk, I still had to ask him what I was supposed to do. Anywho, I finally learned about the forum and started asking nicer people stuff.


There will be no easy solution to this. I do not envy daath on this endeavor. You cannot easily suppress human nature, and that is the true issue here. People will be be unaware, or aware but do not care or just be jerks.
Maybe have a general recipe area (sandbox) for new or adapted, and have a separate area for recognized and or popular recipes. Almost any changes will affect the data return rate of the query.
I keep all my recipes and adaptions private as I do not vape nic and my tasting ability is muted, so I feel most people would get no use from my recipes anyway. I can make 15 recipes and my wife will only care for one and we will not agree on what flavor notes are the base or even present. HA, whatever, I still enjoy the process.
Good luck.
Oh, while I’m here, I fully agree with the comment from SirRisc “There’s only so much strawberry cheesecake I’m willing to vape…” Could not have said it better myself. LMAO Maybe an option in the search to omit certain flavors? Like “-Strawberry” or “-Cheesecake” would be excellent.

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You could always take the flavors you don’t want out of you stash. just a thought peace out

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