This saddens me a wee bit

…and at the same time, feeling amused. Pulled from a recipe note today…

<< Notes
I let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours before vaping.>>


So it seems some of the new mixers have gone full spectrum. From microwaving to refrigerating their mixes. Now I can add this to my list of shit, like SnV, that I will never wrap my brain around!
Oh well, back to smileyland. :cowboy_hat_face:

Edited to delete the part about bitch slapping folks.


I refrigerate some of my fruits after they have steeped to a particular point…Refrigeration helps slow down the steeping process and keeps my juices (primarily fruits) from going beyond my preferred “freshness”…helps maintain brighter notes and such… If you have a recipe that has a larger amount of EM in it, (as some flavors contain EM inherently) refrigeration assists in greatly slowing EM’s flavor muting properties… :slight_smile:


So while lots of people are looking to speed up steeping, you are slowing it down? And that may be why some strawberries tend to fade after time. I can see your point there. Still, being set in my ways, anything outside of what I would consider a standard procedure just strikes me as odd and borderline blasphemous! LOL

I do the same for my Strawberry Ripe tfa based and natural Vanilla vapes. I notice after 2 weeks it starts dropping off. It’s also a shake and vape so it’s my experience that steeping detracts it for me.

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always keep in mind , there are no right or no wrongs in this hobby and many are still experimenting , i refridgerate all my flaves ( dedicated fridge ) some people think it doesnt help at all and will argue their point with zero experimenting , , i say what works for another is all good as long as its safe and yields a positive result


ive wondered if steeping in a fridge would have some kind of opposite reaction thank you for putting my mind at ease , this would be a great option for recipes with flavors that are known to fade

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Could this replace Koolada? :rofl:
He justs like to chill with his vape


I don’t know…I don’t steep my juice IN the fridge…Mixes go into the fridge after they have steeped…

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what’s your take on SnV?


Heh…you really want to know?

If your willing to say

I am willing to listen. Yes I would like to know.

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Ya know I was all ready to post a lengthy diatribe about this topic, but I will keep those thoughts for another time. Let’s just say I’m in the minority that doesn’t agree with a lot of the current methods and procedures. Sorry.

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I personally look at it in the same context as beef.
Some cuts “they say” are better with being aged, while some processes (think ground beef) are not better when aged. I’m talking about aging beef that has been brought home (as most beef does have a aging process prior to being cut at the processing center.


People who make up numbers for steep times do my head in more than people who blatantly don’t know what they’re doing. Like “At least 6 week steep” - where did they come up with this? I bet it’s exactly the same after 2 weeks but that’s not pretentious enough.

No, don’t put juices in the fridge, and ‘snv’ is an actual thing, though I don’t like the term - some simple mixes are good to go … that is just fact. I’m not sure why this would annoy anyone. I would say that mixers who think ‘snv’ is bad, are the clueless ones tbh.


Right on, I don’t agree with a few things myself…

I was just curious because I have a few recipes that are literally shake and vape recipes. I admit that they do get a bit more creamy after a few days to a week. I have one that is a blast to vape. I start vaping it right away. It is bold and a bit spicy at first. As the days go by you can taste it changing and getting "smoother"by the third day it is almost a totally different vape. The profile is the same but the flavors have changed. I thoroughly enjoy it.


I have a couple like that. I don’t usually make more than 30ml of them at a time because I love how they taste right at the beginning and how they change over the 1st week.




Totally agree!

I don’t think SnV is bad. I respect the people who choose to mix that way. Life is about choices bro. But I do have my own thoughts on why I don’t do it, just as I have thoughts on some of the steeping methods being implemented. Your use of the word ‘clueless’ doesn’t really apply here. However, ‘obstinate’ and ‘uncompromising’…now those fit better.

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Lets see… How to start… ok…

I have a couple recipes that are made of only Medicine Flower. Now, even though I do not personally like recipes made up of only MF, they really do need ( IMO ) six weeks to steep. I say this because I get a weird after taste that lessens with time.

How do I know this? Well… because I taste it every week, until I think it’s ready.

Lets talk about recipes that don’t use MF. I don’t have any recipes that need six weeks to steep. I do have a few that need 4 weeks. I know this because I taste it every week until I think it’s ready. Could they be vaped sooner? Maybe, but why would I, if I know it will be better in another week? Now these are my recipes.

Lets talk about other peoples recipes. I have mixed some recipes that were ready before the advised steep time. I follow a mixer that is brilliant. I have mad respect for his recipes and if he say a mix needs a certain amount of time, then you can rest assured it needs that time. I have never seen one of his that needs six weeks, but an awful lot of them need 4.

Anywho, just my 1/2 a cent.



That was a question posed by @uncaged. I was was ,just quoting him.