This Syrup

oky so hi everyone thank you all for being a part of this community and sharing the love with everyone.
so iv been mixing for 2 years and i have my own line of e liquid locally sold and brewed
i have researched flavor making and am interested in extracts i have succeed in creating my own peanut butter, cocoa and coffee concentrated flavor its not a hit but pretty decent vape that is still under testing.

In the past couple days i was handed a mango syrup from a friend that works at a local coffe/drinks shop and i have made an extract out of it 10% mixed in a PG 30ML bottel

I have tested it on a 70vg/30vg mix and it tasted reallllllllllllllllllllllly awesome i have vaped about 25Ml off it with NO issues knowing that it might be harmful

i dont yet have the ingredients list but am assuerd by a professional drinks mixer that is doesnt contain alcohol nor oils or food coloring.
its originally used in an ice tea summer drink mix, it called Mango Wild berry
the color is thick and the tast is finamonal my question is is it safe to keep testing with it, and is what i did valid or dangerous


To me syrup implies sugars and they may be dangerous to vape.

Check out some research on aldehydes, sugars, vaping.


Personally I wouldn’t keep vaping it without knowing the ingredients. Like @Ken_O_Where said, syrup usually implies sugar, and I wouldn’t vape sugar. At best it’ll gunk up your coils something fierce, at worst… well who knows. If it’s sweetened with sucralose, you might be on the right track, but then there’s the issue of other ingredients that might be in there like preservatives, thickeners, etc. I’d hold the testing until after you find out what those ingredients are.



I got some of the ingredients, the bottle label says which i saw but he didnt let me see the brand due to management was around :stuck_out_tongue: but next time ill ge to take a picture

PG, Water, Artificial and Natural flavoring, Yellow something i forgot

I have stop smoking it and i am kinda adding it to my tea :smile:
I do crave it because really its one unforgetabel delisuios - Mango flavor

Thanx for the advice it sure did gunk my coils and the % I used was way up that it lingers on my wik and it took over everything I drip in it.
its time for a fresh cotton :sweat:

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I have made sure this had no sugar at all in it, its also served non sweetened usually they add sugar to the drink mix, when I tasted the syrup its not sweet but i do believe it have a EM kinda zing in it