Thoughts on Efusion Duo

My birthday is coming up on the 29th of this month just want to know what you guys think of this mod

I have mine and I do like it but I was a little disappointed. It was just minors things but for $160 bucks I dont want to have any issues. I went with the carbon fiber / wood panel option. The wood panels are just stickers that are placed over the carbon fiber. It is a one time deal. If you try to take them off they get all funked up and rip. It doesnt matter how careful you are…they suck. Another thing is if you shake the mod you can hear the buttons shaking around. It doesnt effect it but it seems of poor quality. Also when I first got mine, the fire button would stick from time to time. It only happened a few times and I was using the temp control so it was no big deal but if I would have been using it in wattage mode it would have burned my wick for sure. Also, when I first received it, one of the carbon fiber panels wasnt completely pushed down all of the way. It felt weird in your hand. I was able to get it to click back into place but it was a problem. All in all I guess it depends on why you want it. I was interested in it because I wanted a DNA200 chip that didnt use a Lipo battery. I prefer 18650s so when they die I can swap them out without having to be tied to an electrical outlet. Oh yea, another thing, the mod is pretty big, it is actually the biggest mod that I have. You may not care but I feel like it is also something that should be mentioned. So that is my opinion. If I were to lose it, break it, or have it stolen, I fairly certain I would not go out and buy another one.


Thanks good to know

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I love my Efusion duo. I do agree about the wood panels there very thin. You would have to put them on top of the carbon fibre panels aswell.
I don’t have any rattle issues nor have any buttons stuck on mine. I use mine daily and , like i said, i love it.
I did get the abalone panels as an option on mine and im glad i did. Makes the mod.
It has an aluminium frame and the bottom can easily be scratched.
Heres mine.

EDIT:- out of the two 133 dna’s i have the VT133 is a better quality device , better made and better feel to it.


Ok thanks I have the VT 133 I just liked the abalone

So do i. You can get the panels in red too. Go nice with a black framed duo! :ok_hand:

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Looking good!!

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Thanks brother. :yum:[quote=“LA_Vaper, post:7, topic:71098, full:true”]
Looking good!!


I have a LiPo Efusion and a Ltd NZ Abalone Duo with 18650s. Love both, no button issues. No complaints, very high quality on both. You cannot even tell the batt door is removabe unless you look closely.

is it worth the price difference from a VT133…depends on your vudget? I have more vt133s, but the Efusion is just sexy.


One thing you guys don’t know about me Is I am a professional crafter. I DIY everything. I love love love those Abalone mods …so I googled. Looks like you can buy sheets of the stuff for cheap gears turning… heh the Cuboid Abalone mod :smirk: …it could happen

Oh nice selection on eBay

How cool is this?

One more read the info underneath about manufacturing


Good finds and great info. :+1: