Thoughts on IPV 3

Just picked a an IPV 3. 150 watt Mod box,and loving it so far.Chugging nice clouds and am looking forward to finding my perfect settings.Also can’t wait to find a crazy coil build to put in a my Mutation X.

Try chain coil v2, it is easy to build and the flavour is outstanding!

Thanks, I will check it .Just saw I duel coil with continuos strand of wire by Rip Trippers that looks interesting.

I have been using the IPV3 for a few months now and love it. Normally vape between 30-40 Watts and occasionally go up to 75ish depending on the build and juice flavor. Its a solid box mod in my opinion. I however got one of the first runs with the touch screen not working. I went from the IPV2 and disabled the touch button on that anyways, so I really don’t mind. All and all, I would purchase this mod again. Do wish that it had magnets on the battery cover like the Sigelei though…