Three Neglected Flavorings

I believe the three most overlooked flavor concentrates
are Pear, Dragonfruit, and Grenadine.
That is to say, in my recipe realm. (taste, palate, etc. for my
preferences, used as additives)

My stash brands are Pear (TFA), Dragofruit (TFA), and Grenadine (CAP).
I also interchange Cactus (INW) for the Pear.

Used at low doses (%) they can extremely ‘liven up’ a recipe, especially anything “fruit”

Another ‘fruit-based’ recipe additive that works wonders is…
stevia with apple cider vinegar and lime juice(citric acid).


Dragonfruit (TPA) isn’t overlooked as it was a popular blend with strawberry back a few years ago

Pear (TFA) is the “it adds juicy/wetness to a juice that’s wet”, you have to add it a .000005% though, above that, it adds a pear flavor

Grenadine is slowly being adding to more drink-relate recipes.

Apple Cider by itself used to help with throat hit, and never used lime juice, but pure lemon juice, I have.


hell yer i use dragon fruit all the time to help blend flavours together will have to get some granadine tho :+1:

Oh how I hate grenadine. Of course I have never tried the concentrate, but if it even remotely tastes like it, I’ll have to pass.

I am very interested, in finding out what people think of the concentrate though

Remember that people don’t always like to vape what they ingest or ingest what they vape…
For example I love to vape apple juices but you’ll never see me drink or eat it.

Oh yes, I know that quite well. For instance, I really don’t like hazelnuts, the food, but I sure love to vape it !!

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I hate hazelnut with a passion (to eat) … maybe I should give those concentrates a chance after all as well

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I find Pear FA to be a much better alternative to being a recipe booster. The flavor itself is a nice, juicy, over ripen pear, without the strong pear flavor up front. I realize you are speaking to 3 specific flavors, but as a juice enhancer, FA pear all the way baby :slight_smile:


I have quite a bit of this recipe ready to go, if your interested, dm me your address and I will send you a tester


Thanks, greatly appreciate the offer but I think I could probably buy the 2 hazelnuts cheaper than the shipping costs for the sample to Belgium :smiley:


(not to mention that nicotine products would be impounded at customs)

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