Throat hit/diy/HELP

since I began vaping ive never liked a throat hit that comes from liquid. I like a smooth but hard hit from using high watts. I like to vape between 30-40 watts to achieve the throat hit. however I have a very hard time getting liquids that don’t give off a harsh hit, whether store bought or diy. I cant vape anything over 3mgs and most often that is to harsh for me even when I lower my wattage.

ive just learned about adding saline solution to liquids and that helped a lot with the dryness. I need advice as to how to accomplish a diy liquid that isn’t harsh at all. currently I make my liquids with as little pg as possible at 3mgs nicotine. does it help to mix my nicotine and vg ahead of time (creating a base) so that it can steep longer? would it be helpful to do the same with my concentrates?

the device I use is a ipv mini 2 70 watts with an atlantis tank. ive got several other devices as back up but that’s my main device.

There are a few things you can do to smooth your vape. Unfortunately the thing that would help the most means 0mg nicotine juice. Sounds as though you do blend some of your own juices. Some nicotine out there are quite peppery. Avoid Wizard Labs, Nicotine Labs, and I’m sure there are others. A good supplier of nic is If you are using one of these peppery nics then there is a good chance getting better nic might solve your problem. Other than the nicotine content you can lower PG to the absolute minimum. More PG the more Throat Hit. Being you are using a subohm tank you should already e using MaxVG juice but if not, for sure start. Also the Atlantis is not exactly the smoothest ride available. A Kanger Subtank Mini or Nano would be smoother than a Atlantis. The Uwell Crown is quite nice also.

I realize dropping to 0 nic from 3mg in a subohm is quite a drop instantly. You can drop your nic 1/2mg per every 100 ml of juice and this should be easy on you. With each change if you notice your problem improving you know you are the right track. I hope this will help some, good luck…

PS Some flavors make juices smoother than others. Creams and Custards tend to be much smoother than fruits and spices…


Your advice has been helpful. Ive been debating on trying that kanger tank, so youve answered that. Also I am a fruity flavor person and had been giving much thought to the creamy custards. About the nicotine supplier I will definitely try the link you suggested. I ordered this nicotine from One Stop Shop. They do carry a few flavor suppliers, currently all of my flavors are from TFA/TPA. This is my very first diy try or buy. Thanks much friend!

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I tried your suggestion with lowering my nic level and I bought the kanger mini both have worked great. I lowered my nic level to a 2mg and that was the first liquid ive ever made that I could vape without steeping. also I just got my kanger in the mail today, there is a huge difference in flavor coming from the atlantis. thanks a lot for your advice.

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You are very welcome. :smile: Glad I could help !!!

I know that I’ve said it before but I feel it needs to be reiterated. Your advice on this topic helped tremendously! since getting a different brand nicotine and buying the kanger, im vaping happily. Ive vaped the aspire and the kanger on same watts with same liquid and the kanger is far more superior. I plan to buy the crown tank next. Also with the new nicotine im vaping 3mgs with just shaking and vaping. Im actually making some great liquid. Many thanks!!!


Again, I am very glad I could help you. Also, it is very very nice that you took the time to say my advice helped. Stuff like this keep me wanting to help others. Many never tell you results and you’re left wondering…