Throat hit question

In terms of throat hit and harshness of a recipe, which one would be more dominant between the two:

12mg nicotine @ 70vg/30pg
9mg nicotine @ 60vg/40pg

I guess, the question is, which of the two would give a stronger throat hit/harshness to the juice?

I’m planning to make a bottle of juice for a co-worker for Christmas who has recently switched over to vaping and since I’ve diluted my nicotine, the best I can do for 9mg strength would be 60vg/40pg.
He’s currently using 12mg and 6mg @ 70vg/30pg. So 12mg is good for him and 6mg is just not enough. I’m not sure how the two compares, I don’t want it to be unpleasant for him if that makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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If he is pg tolerant, go 60-70% PG. VG has no TH.

PG doesnt have nic TH, but if you only have 9mg it will have more than high VG juice.


@Kenbu 30pg vs. 40pg won’t make much of a difference but the NIC will. Because the difference in any harshness between 30 and 40 pg is minimal, I’d say go for the higher NIC which will closer to his target needs.


12mg nicotine @ 70vg/30pg will have the hardest throat hit.

Most of the throat hit comes from the nicotine, and to a lesser degree from flavours. PG on its own actually doesn’t have much throat hit.


Speaking from experience of a heavy smoker who switched to vaping…

I ended up Dripping 24 nic for about 6mnths before I started dropping

My nic levels when I started vaping 6 - 12 - 24 - 12 - 15 - 12 - 6 - 9 -6

Currently at 6 nic

If 9 nic is the best you can do and 60/40 is the closest ratio … I’d say go for it

9 isn’t to far of a drop from 12. It is a gift . And hey he might find out 9 is good for him to…


Ok, thanks everyone. It’s actually the opposite of what you guys are thinking, although he just recently quit smoking.

I think he wanted to reduce the nicotine in his juices and the ones he buys only offers 12mg and 6mg with nothing in between.

I was thinking 9mg would be perfect for him as he is trying to cut down since a 12mg to 6mg jump is not ideal.

I was just curious to know whether or not the 60vg/40pg would be too harsh. It’s been a long time since I’ve used such high pg juices. It’s good to know that nicotine would be a more harsh experience since I don’t think he is too crazy about the throat hit. So if he is okay with the 12mg juice then I think this one will be fine for him.

He was telling me he would prefer more smoke to come out because the visual is important to him, but he is using a sub-ohm tank so he is limited in that aspect.

But one thing at a time, he is cutting down a lot faster than I did when I first started so kudos to him.

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Also if he wanting to reduce nic in the 12 nic juice he buys and likes

30 ml 12 nic + 30 ml 6 nic. = 60 ml of 9 nic

Edit: he’s probably cutting down a lot faster than I did to.