Tiebreaker? Can't Decide on my AllDay Mod... VooPoo X-217 or Smoant NaBoo 225 W Kit

Have you decided ??? Im curious what your getting


So check this… I’m still a wee tad bit up in the air, and since I’ve got the Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 squonker on the way, I’d sorta decided to wait a bit, see what got cheapest at Easter sales… but was leaning toward the NaBoo. So then, yesterday, I get off an 11 hour shift at work, and check my email… Cheapvapingdeals had a flash sale alert… there was a US seller with Naboo kits for $21! And I missed the damn thing! Tragic, just tragic. So now I’m grumpy. lol But yeah, since I’ll have the Eleaf I can wait a touch, see what develops saleswise over the holiday. Crossing fingers for another flash sale, cause who doesn’t wanna save $40?


Never mind they are sold out


Smoant for sure any day over Voo Poo. I don’t have the Naboo but I have a couple of others and they are solids good performers.